Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Just CAN'T Get Back to My Normal Routine!!!!

I can't seem to get focused around here!! :-P (<remember THAT face...??? LOL)
I've only managed to do one or two things a day because I'm so distracted.....I think it's probably from the little puppy we have now!  She's SO cute and GOOD, but it's really like having a toddler around here!! LOL  I have to puppy-proof everything! :-D  She's doing perfectly with house-training, but that's because we take her outside to pee every half-hour or so, unless she's sleeping.  She also loves to show her happiness by biting me, not hard - she really only puts her mouth on me, but she will bit the hem of my dress (yes, I DO wear dresses sometimes! LOL) or my pants and then I'm dragging her for a few steps!  Can you picture that....??!  Haha!  I have to stop and take a moment to pet her and say "hi" so she'll stop!! 
And everything I do she wants to be a part of, especially in the kitchen!  Like I said, VERY distracting!! :-D

Today, it was quiet for about 15 minutes....too quiet!  So I started looking around for where the puppy was and found her taking a nap..... my basket full of blankets!! :-D  TOO CUTE!!!

I did get some things accomplished -- I made my final batch of salsa with the last tomatoes from the garden.....

Yum yum yum!!  I have so many tomato products canned, just like I was dreaming about last spring! :-D
I wish I had more vegetables canned or frozen, but this was such a strange, unproductive garden year....and I'm not the only person to notice that -- I've read online that many other people have had trouble with their gardens this year.  I think it's because of the warm winter we had down here -- NONE of my spring veggies did well!  I definitely have big plans for next spring's garden!!! :-D

Walking around outside (with the puppy), I noticed some wood in a burn pile that Brian's all the scrap wood that we can't use anymore, and eventually he will burn it all to ashes.  Of course, this year we keep seeing squirrels poking around it, and we just figured out that they are burying their nuts underneath the wood in the pile! LOL  How funny!!  So now we said there's no way that we can burn it until after the winter -- we don't want to destroy their winter nut stores!
ANYWAY, as I was saying, I was looking at the scrap wood pile because I just love wood, especially wood that has been weathered, and there were lots of pieces like that in there!  I saw one that looked perfect for something I could make......
Can you tell what that could be...?  I'll give you a hint: here's another angle.....
Does that look like anything to you??  This is actually after I cut the point off on the top left of this piece - I angled that left side down so I could make something out of it.....can you guess....?  :-D
I want to paint it and add it to my little collection.....
Remember my little houses? :-D  I could tell from the pile that that piece (with the left side point cut off) would make a perfect saltbox house to add to my collection of buildings!  I need another house - now I've got one!!  They are so easy to make, just a little paint and they are done, and they look so charming -- I love them!!! :-D

I've pulled out my crocheting projects....I can't decide what I want to work on!  I have an urge to start something NEW -- look at these pictures!!.....
LOVE this!!  I'd make it a different color though....maybe a grayish-brown!

I love those grays!!!

This is gorgeous!  I can totally see myself wearing this!! 

Ooooh!  Maybe some jewelry...??? :-D

OR....a table runner?  I LOVE the one on the right - that color is perfect!

Oh, it's so hard to choose!  They are all so inspiring!!  I guess I should finish my other projects first....but what fun is that??? LOL

So tonight is Thursday night -- yay!!  I love the weekends when we are all together!  And when Brian can work on my projects....keep an eye out for my finished cabinet....oh, yeah, it WILL get finished this weekend!!! ^-^


  1. Hey Lisa - who's still 42! LOL! I said 'Wow!' when I read your comment and I'm a week older! How cool! I like the way you put it, 'marching on into our mid-forties'. We know who we are and can take on life! It's a great place to be!
    New puppy napping in the basket is so cute!!
    All those crochet projects look awesome especially the jewelry! And the runner!
    Go for it and have FUN! You're only young once!!
    Best wishes

  2. I totally get not getting things done when you have a new puppy in the house. I'm sure she's just so grateful to be safe, with a full belly and loved. I wonder if she remembers her life before? I hope you post the finished house you're about to paint. Anyway, the things you're planning on making sound and look gorgeous. Nice fall projects to accomplish. Best wishes.