Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only A Bit of Painting.....

Oh, I just can't get motivated!!
I painted a little bit yesterday, but can't get myself to finish it today.....I should be cleaning my craft room or working on my stenciling, BUT I just feel like looking instead of doing today! :-P

I painted the cabinet that we put the legs on, from a previous post......
Remember this picture??  It was from a while ago!  I couldn't think of what color I wanted it to be....I already have a black cabinet in here, and the trim is mustard-gold.....hmmm!! 
Here's what I picked, but of course, I'm still not sure (am I ever???)......
This is OLD paint, it's the paint that I used for my front door before I changed it this spring - I love this color, I had Lowe's color match it from my Old Village Paint Colors, it's Dressing Table Blue!! 
And it might be time to toss out that chip brush, ya think?? LOL  No, no -- I can use it for one more job!! :-D
Here's the first coat.....
I haven't "distressed" it yet, and I didn't even paint the top yet (so Brian could use it for his drink while watching TV after work), and I love the color, but.....I'm not convinced!  Not that I ever would be....when I started on this Prim-ifying journey, this is the part where I'd paint it another color, then another one, and then wish that I had stuck to this first one!! :-P  So I am following my dear Marlene's advice and waiting for a few days, it always works!  That clears my head somehow, and then even if I don't stick with this color, I have a clear idea of the color I really want!!  It's one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard -- THANKS, as always, Marlene! ;-)

Well, THAT is IT.....I keep walking around and looking at everything I could do, but I can't seem to get myself to start anything....I guess I'm just feeling a little bit lazy! :-P  And actually, I've had to be on the phone for the past two days working out appointments for everything - eye doctor for my son, orthodontist for all the kids, dentist for my husband, etc, etc!  And of course, I've been talking to insurance people, too, to figure out copays and qualifications, etc, etc!!  I guess I feel more excited about my projects when I get to float around in my dreamy little Early American world, NOT when I get dragged back to reality, here in the 21st century, where I definitely don't belong! LOL
In my defense, I have tried to dig in to that craft room of mine, that is such a disorganized mess, but every time I've been in there just figuring out what to put where, the phone rings and I get thrown off track.  So I guess today should be a LOOKING day! :-D  I've been looking through some of my older Country Living magazines and my Colonial Homes, tagging things I like.  It's funny how looking through them at different times causes me to notice different things -- like, I tagged a gorgeous blanket chest and a fireplace mantle arrangement that I didn't notice or like the last time I looked in did I miss those??  This is why I always enjoy looking over my favorite magazines, I always see them differently!

I hope I'll have something exciting to report tomorrow, I'd better be over this SNAG by then.....I have to take the kids to the orthodontist in the morning, but that might refresh me to get it out of the way, and I can come home and feel least, that's what I hope will happen!! ^-^

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