Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Now for Something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT......

Well, we have a situation here......
Does anyone want a puppy???  LOL
It's such a long story.....for several years, we have struggled with our neighbors about how they treat animals.  My own sweet Puppy we rescued from near-death after she was left to die by them (she had a severe worm infestation - SO easy to cure).  They severely neglect their dogs, horses, chickens, goats -- they ALL end up dead.....WHY do they keep getting animals???  They lose interest in less than a year, they never buy enough food (I've watched them feed their dogs leftover plain noodles, instead of food), they don't allow any animals in to their houses (no matter what the weather), they never have fresh water available - if they even HAVE water out - they NEVER pet their dogs or puppies, when a dog dies over there (and they have) they leave the carcass out to rot or be eaten by other animals or the other dogs.....I have MORE I could say..... It is a heavy burden on my heart to see any animals over there.

So now these two little puppy girls have made their way over here, and when we pet them, they look at us and push against us like we are feeding them, as if being stroked and touched is like food to them, they look at us like they are grateful.....I'm sure they are.  So what do I do??  Sending them back over there is sentencing them to certain death or abandonment, after a long period of severe neglect and even mistreatment.  These little girls are so sweet - they have wonderful little personalities!  The one on the right above, you can see, is very submissive and quiet.  She couldn't decide if she wanted to stay with me to be petted or go eat the dog food I gave her -- I solved it by petting her while she ate the food.  After eating, she sat next to me on the grass where I was sitting and pressed herself into my leg, trembling while I stroked her back.  Heartbreaking.
The other one is more playful and a little smaller, and constantly comes back from chewing the rope toy I gave her to be petted again, I'm sure she's making sure the attention is still there for her.  She happily follows us wherever we go, and loved being part of the afternoon walk our other dogs had.  She also has a little underbite!  It's too cute!  Her nose is shorter than her sister's too.  They are about 4-5 months old.  These puppies have been over here ALL DAY (since lunch, and it's 10:30pm now), and not once have I heard anyone over there calling them, looking for them, checking to see where they are and if they are ok, NOT ONCE.....and that's because no one cares where they are, no one cares if they are lost or cold (or hot this summer), or wet or lonely.  These puppies are expected to fend for themselves, and Oh Well if they can't.....that's how another puppy from the same litter died last month - no one checked on her when she didn't come out with the other puppies and they found her dead a few days later, in a box (probably trying to get out of the brutal heat that we had then).

What to do......
They are sleeping on our back porch right now, one on the chair and one on the couch....probably the most comfortable place they have ever slept on in their lives - cushions instead of dirt and stones.

Here is a picture of my sweetest Puppy on the first night when she stumbled her way down here, near death, two years ago this month.....
I tried to feed her for 3 days until she couldn't lift her head off the floor, and I called my husband, sobbing and telling him if she didn't get to a vet soon, I was going to have to watch her die (we only had one car, and he was using it to get to his new job, after 2 years of unemployment) -- he told his boss there was a family emergency, and he came home for us to bring her to the most wonderful vet ever!  She had a severe hook worm infestation, and had 25% of her blood volume -- he told me he probably couldn't save her, but he would try.  After 4 days at the vet hospital and numerous blood transfusions and medicine, she was doing much better and came home with us!  Here she is taking a nap a few days after coming home, still pitifully thin, but eating plenty and getting better.....
And here is my sweetest girl now, looking at me with loving eyes.....
She's waiting for me to pet her! :-)  She never leaves my side, if she can help it - outside, inside, room to room, while we sleep.....if I call her or talk to her, she comes right up to me and sits, waiting, just like in this picture. :-)   They KNEW she was sick, they knew she would die without help....they left her outside to struggle with it alone and DIDN'T care.  I had seen her only once before, about a month earlier, and petted her, and told one of the boys over there that she needed to go to a vet because she wouldn't eat and I could see she was weak and thin.  She must have remembered me, because she showed up in my front yard, stumbling and panting, and collapsed on my front porch (that's when I took the first picture).  It took months for her to get to a healthy weight.  Heartbreaking.

What to do, what to do......
......what to do..... :-(


  1. Oh Lisa, this is so heartbreaking to read and what a kind heart you have.
    I think I would have called the authorities or ask suggestions from my local Humane Society.
    Those folks don't sound too human to me!
    Shame on them!
    Good luck in this matter. I'll be praying for those sweet pups.


  2. Oh this is beyond shocking! And those pups are so so sweet just wanting to be loved!
    Hope you can get them re-homed where they'll be well cared for!
    And you own dog is just lovely!
    Best wishes

  3. Wonder how the kids are treated? No offense but people who have no compassion for animals and can watch them die repeatedly have a sickness.I'd be calling the authorities and humane society on them every time I saw a new animal drug in there.Both of our dogs came from abuse situations and I'm so thankful I gave them a chance at life.(even though the one drives me bonkers I'd say either keep the pups or find them a good home.I certainly wouldn't take them back to die.Even the animal shelter would be a better alternative if you can't keep them till they get a home.That way they at least get wormed and shots and have food in their little bellies.Yes truely heartbreaking!~Amy

    1. Amy, you shouldn't say "no offense"!! You should say, "I definitely mean to offend!", not that it would make any difference. And you are CORRECT -- they do treat their children poorly, and consequently, the children go on to poorly treat anyone (or thing) smaller and more vulnerable than they are. I lecture and correct anything I see, and when the kids are here I make sure they know what I think about hurting animals and other people, but how much of that can really get through?? NOT MUCH.

  4. The first thing I would do is call the SPCA or the sheriff! That is abuse and animal abuse in my county is serious offense. Poor babies and they are so sweet looking. Yours is a beauty. I couldn't stand it, just couldn't take it. Please keep us posted on this situation

  5. LISA, I hope u didn't send these puppies back over there...I'm so torn up right now over this. Give me the information...I'll contact the authorities myself. I am fuming right now. Thank God I'm not their neighbor. Thank GOD!!!

    1. Call and report them to Animal Control or SPCA FIRST! Thank you for saving the babies you could and if you cannot keep them see if the shelter in your area or even your vet may have some ideas for placing them in caring are so much nicer than I would be, luckily for your neighbors!

  6. Oh don't worry! We won't be sending them back!! I already have a post on Craigslist up, and my sisters in Mass are talking to their friends, and Brian is asking people around his work about them. It doesn't matter because NO ONE is looking for them, even now! They've been gone for 24 hours and NO ONE is wondering where they are.

    We have contacted Animal Control and the SPCA at times, and they did have all their animals taken away from them a few years ago (an emaciated horse, a donkey, some lambs....WHY???), but they keep getting more!

    I have more horrible stories I could tell, but I won't hurt all of you when you can't do anything anymore. They know how we feel about them, how the whole STREET feels, but they don't care. I have "kidnapped" and rehomed 5 dogs of theirs over the years, and my Puppy makes 6. I just wish they could be stopped from getting any animals at all. They don't CARE about them, WHY do they keep getting them????

    Once I find a place for these two puppies I will be calling someone - if I call now, they might take these puppies too, and then they could be euthanized (because we can't afford $90 per dog to adopt them from the shelter).

    I'll keep you guys all updated! They won't be going back, we never even considered that idea!!

    THANK YOU, everyone! :-D

  7. Thanks Lisa...I do feel better knowing they aren't going back there. If only I lived there. My My My!!! I'm still hot. Look at those faces. I don't think I can handle any more bad news...well, maybe a little more. I would have every media/PA office around over there...make this city/county do something. Look at those little faces. I pray any update is a positive one for these two; can't handle anything else. Look at them. Sorry, I just don't do well with this type of stuff!