Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some GOOD NEWS, Maybe....!!

I have been reposting my ad for the puppies on Craigslist, because after 24 hours, it was TWO pages BACK!!  There are SO many unwanted dogs and cats.... :-(
Anyway, the GOOD news is that today I posted my little blurb again this morning, and then I posted it again at 4pm, and tonight I got three emails about them!!  I am waiting for the first woman to email me back telling me when she'd like to meet to see them, and then the second girl (a college student) wants to see the other one (or both if the first woman changes her mind)!  The third girl wants me to email her if they are available after that!!  So this may just work out nicely!!! :-D

The bad news (for me) is that.......I'm starting to get attached to them....!!  Oh no!!! LOL  I'll be ok, but I keep catching myself hoping that no one wants both of them!  Haha!!  Well, this is a consequence of rescuing and fostering helpless animals.....I've been through this every time I've done this!  I was supposed to find Puppy a home, too, after she was on the mend, but I just couldn't imagine it after how I had laid with her and cried in her face, telling her to hang on while she was dying on my floor.  She was my girl from then on!! :-D   I also know that I have to give away the ones that I can, because I'm sure there will always be more that need us, and we have to have room in case one can't be placed right away.

They are SO CUTE, though!  And they are doing great with being house-trained -- not ONE accident yet!  Even overnight!!  We do take them out regularly, and watch them for any sign of needing to go, but they voluntarily walk to the door everytime they have to go!  I'm really happy about that!
I did get puppy food this morning, and I also made some chicken broth to add to it -- that's my go-to formula for neglected, malnourished animals.....it has cured many a sick tummy and I keep some of the fat in the broth, so their coats are very shiny and smooth now.  It's only plain broth, but it's amazing how quickly it works it's cure!! :-D

Also, they don't like to leave the house for long!  Even when they run around chasing eachother, they keep running back to the back steps wanting to get back in - it's so precious!!  We never leave them out in the yard alone, so they are doing that while we are out walking around the yard with them, and we don't have a fence either, but they still stay very close to the house! LOL 

I'm going to leave you with the cutest picture.....one of them was playing with a squeaky ball on the back porch while I was making dinner, and the back door was open - she could hardly hold it in her mouth and I could hear the ball making all this noise, but suddenly it got quiet so I stepped over there to see what was going on, and I saw this......
Awwww!!!  I guess she suddenly got tired!! LOL  What a sweet little sleepy puppy!!! ^-^


  1. I would be hopelessly in love too..smile..Your right though you can't keep them all.I know a lady that does and even though she takes very good care of them it's not good for the animals.Hope they get good homes,I'm sure they'll bound quickly as they seem to know who loves and cares for them.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. AAhhhhhh Lisa....Got me looking all torn up over here. I know how you feel...I know. They are so easy to fall in love with. Many Blessings to you for what you have done, is doing, and will continue to do. Huge Hugs.

  3. Thank you, Amy and Marlene! I also get so much out of helping these little girls....I love knowing they are safe and happy because of me! :-D