Monday, September 10, 2012

In the Meantime.....

While I wait for the wood to finish my cabinet, I have several other projects I want to work on (of course!) of them is painting my kitchen island (remember that one? :-D)

When we built it, I wanted a different color in there, and I picked green.....
I've never been completely happy with this color....I color-matched it with a green from one of my Olde Century Paint color charts, but I still have never felt like it fit the piece, or the kitchen.
So when I saw this on Pinterest.....
I knew I wanted that color!!  This is a piece by David Smith, I think, so I know I have the right taste!  Haha!
Anyway, it's been all down hill from there!  I have purchased THREE different shades of black (samples, at least), and used others I already had, and I haven't been close! :-P.......
YIKES!! No way!!
Tried this color on the right corner.....
This picture has my last two tries, the first is the light blue-looking color above the door knob.....
NO WAY!!! :-P  That color looks black in the container, and is called Licorice....WHY is it blue???
Anyway, I think I found it with the color over that electric-looking's called Lincoln Cottage Black (from Lowe's), and it looks the most like the cabinet on Pinterest, especially without the camera flash! :-)
Here's what my island looks like, struggling to find the right color.....
SHEESH!!! :-P  I was getting ready to start mixing my own color, from all the samples I had! LOL
The biggest problem with getting the island painted a good color is that it's right in front of the kitchen window, which faces the sunlight is always illuminating the island!  So colors that look perfect on the paint card or painted somewhere else in the house, look completely different on the island.  I'm just happy that I've found it (maybe...).  Tomorrow I'm going to paint more of the island with it, so I can be sure!

So that's what I've been up to today.  I did walk into my messy craft room to try and make some kind of dent in that pile of STUFF, but it's way too chaotic in there!  That's going to be a full-day job, that's for sure!!
I am still enjoying this gorgeous weather - all my windows are open, and the night air is so cool and refreshing!  Welcome, Fall!! ^-^


  1. So glad your perseverance has paid off! As soon as I saw that last pic with the Lowes paint over the 'blue' I thought it was just right!
    It's going to look great!
    Fall blessings

    1. Thanks Christine!! :-D
      I check back to your blog regularly for inspiration and ideas!

  2. YES!!! From where I'm sitting, that's the one. ;D I Love darker color(shades) anyway. Now, I was going to suggest mixing your own...but, I hope the LC Black works out for you. Wait, I think I see my sample color amongst your stack(top bottom row) there. ;)

    Continue to Enjoy the FALL like weather, I sure am. :)

    1. LOL, Marlene!!! If you do have that color, GREAT CHOICE! :-D It's out there on my island (like all the browns in the picture) because I want to use one of them for the "distressing" part! I painted more of the LC black today, and I'm still liking it, so I think it's the one....I was ready to mix my own, though! :-P That black is going to look great next to my mustard/gold cabinets, don't you think??!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I am still unpacking from our move and I check in to read blogs whenever I get a chance.
    I am loving the improvements you have accomplished!
    I'm with you on the color of the island your spotted on Pinterest. I think it's just the right color! Good luck with it and I can't wait to see your cupboard once it's all finished. I am anxious to do a bit of Fall decorating but not until all of the boxes are unpacked and things in their proper place.

    Happy Fall!

    1. Hi Audrey!! It's GREAT to hear from you....I keep checking your blog to see if there are any updates about your move! :-D I hope it's going well, and you're getting settled....I can't wait to see your Fall decorating! ;-)

  4. I wish I could remember the color I used a few years back for or black cabinets.After a few years though I don't like the black as any little scuff shows up but your idea pic looks distressed anyway.Cooler temps here the next few days.I need to start Blessings!~Amy

    1. That island is in such a tricky spot with the constant direct sun - believe me, that green showed every scuff and SPILL, too, even tiny drops! :-P
      I'm hoping that purposeful scuffs and paint distressing will hide more this time....we'll see! Thanks for commenting! :-D

    2. Lisa, I too am loving the cooler temps... welcome autumn!
      I love the Pinterest pic, and I think your island will look lovely when you're finished. Are you going to paint your knobs black as well?