Monday, September 17, 2012

No New Homes YET....!

And no one is looking for these puppies, still.  GOOD.  It wouldn't matter, I won't give them back.  But I've been watchful anyway, because if anyone does come down here to look for them, I will hide them in a back room! 
She found another comfy spot.....
I love this picture.....
My sweet Puppy has taken the roll of Big Sister (our two other dogs want nothing to do with them! LOL).....
The sweetest face.....
Wherever we sit, they rush right over to us and climb up to be next to us!!  SO SWEET! :-D

The other thing I am so grateful for is that they got here yesterday, because it poured most of the day today, and we could get up to 3 inches of rain before it all moves out tomorrow night.  BUT, after the rain moves out the temperatures are supposed to drop, possibly into the upper 40s (nighttime).....imagine if they were still over there -- they would get soaked and then cold.  I'm so relieved that they are here now!

So, I posted them on Craigslist, I have my sisters in Massachusetts asking around, Brian is mentioning them at work, I posted a notice on a few homeschool group websites, too.....I even emailed a couple that I gave another of the neglected dogs to a few years ago (I still had their email saved!)....they said they would look around too!  There has GOT to be one or two people who want a dog somewhere out there, doesn't there??? LOL 

Tomorrow, I'm going to run out and pick up some puppy food for them.  We've been feeding them our regular dog food, but it would be better for them to have some made for puppies.  I want them to gain a little more weight, AND I don't want them to eat all the regular dog food! :-D

It's wonderful reading all the supportive comments!  I know we are doing the right thing, and it's a nice feeling to have a community behind you saying, "Of course that's what you do!" ^-^


  1. No wonder they stay close - they recognise caring people when they see them! Hope the are successfully re -homed soon but in the meantime it's great they have you and they are so lovable!

  2. With such adorableness I'm sure they'll find wonderful homes.Wonder where those horrible people keep finding animals to drag home.My mind just can't process things like that.Enjoy all the loving.You may want to go to the farm and family store and get them some wormer just in case.I'm sure they never went to the vet...We are getting 3 inches of rain here today too.Then cool temps.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Oh dear! I've read the back story of your own dog too and it's terrible the way your neighbors neglect all their animals! As far as the two puppies you have now, what about contacting the nearest Humane Society? Won't they take the puppies, give them treatment and find homes? I'm just wondering. I think to show animals kindness is very spiritual. Many blessings.

  4. The problem of unwanted, reproducing dogs and cats here is ENORMOUS (like in any rural community)....our Humane Society refers all reports of neglect and abuse to our county Animal Control. There have been many improvements to the way Animal Control deals with animals there, but I still don't trust them - I dealt with them a few times over the years, and I still would rather feed a cat and let it live wild, or a dog and let it use my yard for shelter than drop them off there (or have them come and pick them up)! My heart can't do it again....even when they came to get a completely wild, stray cat that was attacking us a few years ago, I cried most of that day seeing it in the metal box driving away! Even though this cat bit me and hissed at me, I cried!! LOL