Sunday, September 2, 2012

Checking My List!

So.......what do you do when you've made a list of projects you want to accomplish, and you have some time to do them....?

Why, you work on something else, of course!!! :-D
Remember this?.....
I bought this at the thrift store for a dollar or so, but I didn't get around to painting it until today! 
Look at what I did with it......
I painted it (with a sample)....
Then I sanded it.....
I LOVE that color!!
Then I stained it and rubbed some of my favorite sample, Sweet Molasses, over it....
I love how it turned out!  I was hesitant about painting this, because I loved the wood look of it (except the huge bunny on the cover! :-P), but I'm so glad I did!!  Now to find a place to put it....hmmm.....

I did actually DO some things on my list -- I finished stenciling, and I started sanding them....I'm not sure I like how it looks......
It looks like something is missing in it....doesn't it look like a washed out stencil?  I want an aged look....I don't know....! :-P  Well, I'm going to keep sanding them, and I'm thinking it might look better when I get the antiquing glaze over them....we'll see!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to paint the kitchen wall - I have the paint all ready - and I've been working on my cabinet boards!  I've been sanding and I discovered the perfect way to age and darken them!!  I'll share that tomorrow night -- I'm SO excited about it! :-D  I did find out that I need one or two more boards to get it finished, so we won't be putting it together tomorrow, but that's ok -- I got Brian to promise to put it together with me next weekend!!  It's going to be great! :-D

Well, it's Sunday night, and I don't even feel sad!  Brian has the day off, so we'll be able to be together and go places, if we want - I'm thinking of going to the thrift store again, just to see what they have.  Plus, it's right across the street from the grocery store that I have to go to anyway!  I bought some Fall garden plants - broccoli and cauliflower - so we can plant those too....although, it's still kind of hot here this week, so we might need to wait.  I didn't get any of those plants to grow this past spring because it was too warm, and I really want to get some frozen this year!  My green bean plants are also finally producing - a bunny got in the garden in early July and ate all the leaves off the top of my bean plants (how did he hop through the larger fence holes that are higher off the ground?? :-P) - that slowed them down for two months!  I won't have as many as last year, but at least I'll have some! ^-^


  1. Lisa Diane,
    I love how your box came out... too cute! If you don't mind me asking, what did you use for staining, and to rub the Sweet Molasses on with? I'm new at this process, and trying to learn all I can. I think your sanded stenciling looks great, and I can't wait to see it with the antique glaze. Once you put up decor and complimentary colors, I think it will look perfectly prim! I am also looking forward to how you're going to age and darken your cabinet boards. Thank you for a great blog!
    Take care.

  2. THANK YOU, Grace! For staining, I tried Special Walnut on a back corner, but it was SO dark that you couldn't see where I had sanded - that's not the look I wanted! So I switched to Puritan Pine (like I used on my drawer box last month) and it was just the right shade. I put my stain on with sponge brushes (the cheap ones), and I rub it off with an old cloth I use for staining. With the Molasses paint, I dry-brushed it on randomly with a small paint brush, and I rubbed it quickly with the cloth, only in a few spots, leaving some of the brushed look on there. I hope that makes sense!
    Thanks for commenting on my stencil - I know I can be too picky with a "look", so I like hearing what others think! :-D
    I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog!!