Friday, August 31, 2012

A Great Weekend is Here!

This is going to be a great weekend, because Brian has Monday OFF for the holiday.....he will be home for an extra day!!!  I'm so happy about that -- now there won't be a sad post on Sunday night! :-D
We are not going anywhere or anything like that (NO money! :-P), but I love being home so I don't mind at all.  Besides, I can work on some projects!  That's pretty much my favorite thing to do anyway!! :-D

Today, we went to Lowe's and I got my wall paint -- I got a sample of the living room paint, to paint over the stenciling I didn't pick, and I got a quart for my kitchen, to paint the NEW wall I just plastered!!  OH JOY!!! :-D  I'm still not sure how I managed to run out of both my wall paints at the same time.....??

SO......Here's what I've been doing so far.....
 Since I had the plaster out, yesterday I patched that hole in the ceiling I showed a while back in a post....when you can't see it, that means it looks great!! :-D

This got done yesterday, too......
I picked every cherry tomato I could find in my garden!!  There are some more green tomatoes up there, so they aren't finished yet!  This might be enough to make a batch of tomato juice all by itself.....I'll clean them up and weigh them tomorrow.  The yellow ones are Sun Gold tomatoes and they are delicious ~ they will be yummy to drink!

Good-bye, unchosen stencil.....
It took three coats of paint to cover that stencil up!  It won't take long to get the right one up in this space!!

I tried sanding one motif, to see how it would look......
YUP!!!  That will be perfect under the antiquing glaze! :-D
I'm going to be trying a couple of color combinations with this stencil, to see if it would look better.....thank you, Marlene, for the idea!  It's a GREAT one!!! :-D

Picking up a few food items (ok, ice cream!) today in Walmart, THIS caught my attention and got my heart beating faster......
Look at all that inspiration!!!!  I don't care about Glidden paint, I just love paint colors! LOL  It is so hard to walk by this without grabbing some!  Ok, I confess....I grabbed five!! :-D

Now, should I make a list for the weekend?  I'm feeling an urge to make one right here, but I rarely do the things on my blog lists so I don't want to look like a fool to anyone reading this.....I guess I'll make a WISH list for this weekend ~ these are things I might do (so don't hold me to it! :-D):

       1. finish stenciling
       2. make tomato juice
       3. paint the new kitchen wall
       4. paint the cabinet by the couch (remember that?)
       5. touch up the mustard paint in the living room
       6. work on my cabinet boards!!! (sanding, cutting, putting together?)
       7. if I'm very adventurous (brave)....make a wallpaper box?????
       8. OR, if I'm very motivated.....clean my craft room!..... might need it, don't you think??? :-P  LOL
Well, there it is - my Maybe List!  Let's re-check it on Monday night and see how well I've done, shall we!?!

One more thought before I post this ~~ this is the LAST day of August....can you believe that?  I sure cannot!!  This month absolutely flew by for me, did it for anyone else??  WOW!  It isn't Fall to me yet, because I'm in the south, and it's still in the upper 80s every day (I'm not complaining), but it will be here fast and I'm just trying to enjoy the last bits of summer before it's gone until next year!  I can handle this kind of summer weather (just not 100s and 75 degree dew points!), so I am enjoying it.  I'm holding off on making pumpkin bread and Swedish apple pie until the time is can't rush these things!! :-D
Another Fall treat that I love to make is Yankee farm bread -- it's a small brown bread that is cooked in a loaf pan and doesn't rise.  I love serving it with cheese, it's SO satisfying!  I can't wait to share that on here, but it may be 2-3 weeks away!! ^-^


  1. Good morning Lisa Diane ~
    Thank you ever so kindly for visiting my wee corner of the world, and for your sweet comments!
    Upon this visit to your blog, I am simply amazed at your adventures, your talent for all things in and around your home, and your stamina...whew, you are a busy (and brave) gal indeed! I shall look forward to future visits so that I may follow along on your decorating progress. The results shall prove to be breathtaking surely!
    Wishing you and yours a splendid weekend!
    Most warmly,

  2. Whew! I'm tired just reading what you have planned for yourself :) That's why I don't have a blog; I know I would feel like I had to get things done to post on it--ha ha. Thanks for the very nice comments about my house. It's so great to have others to inspire us; I know you are inspiring me :) Barb

    1. Barb, I hardly EVER get even half of my lists accomplished!! LOL I just like making them, for some reason - it clears my head! I'm happy that you are enjoying my blog and that I can inspire you....looking at your house gave me some great ideas! :-D

  3. Lisa Diane,
    My, my, are you ever a bundle of energy... what's your secret? I'll have to admit that you do inspire me to do more around my home. Most of the time I wait for hubby to do the things I think I can't do, but now I'm ready to tackle them all by my little ol' self!
    Your tomatoes are beautiful... so is your basket! I also think your sanded stencil looks very nice, and will be even more wonderful with the antique glaze. I love paint color displays too! Behr is my favorite paint, and I can't wait to get back to the paint store to buy more. I'm looking for a nice golden mustard to paint some great baskets I found at a resale shop.
    I too can't believe that August is gone... my how time passes. I am looking forward to the cooler weather though. These hot temps are not for me... but, neither are the below freezing temps either!
    Take care of yourself.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Grace, you sound just like me with the weather - I would be so happy if it was always 60s-70s!! This summer was very hot and humid, and we didn't even have it as badly as many other states! I'm excited about Fall weather now, especially opening my windows at night again!

      I love Behr paint too! And Home Depot has the BEST paint card for Behr I've ever seen....I posted about it somewhere on here, was on July 5th, "My Paint Obsession"! Check that post out, because I took a picture of it and it's so awesome, there's like 400 paint colors in it! A golden mustard color sound wonderful for baskets!! :-D