Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Stenciling!! (and I'm still not sure......)

I'm at HOME right now!!! :-D  We got the new modem right after lunch, and it's been working perfectly!

While I was waiting, I was able to do MORE stenciling today!!  And a couple of other little things, but I'll get to that in a minute.
So, what do you think??.......
I only stenciled this wall, because I'm not sure if I want this stencil in here!!! (as usual! :-P)
I had this stencil in my kitchen before we re-did it -- I found it in an older issue of Country Living magazine, and I loved how it looked, but I'm not sure about it in here.....
.....maybe I want a viney one instead?  If I keep it, it won't be as dark, because I like to sand off a little of the paint, to give it an aged look.  Plus, I want to antique these walls with my glaze.
I really just hate making decisions! :-P

So I also did a little painting of the unfinished trim in the library room.  Tomorrow, I'm going to get the ladder from the workshop so I can finish stenciling in there.  I guess I'm going to leave the stencil small.....I like it....I think..... I also have to fill a few trim nail holes with wood putty in there - you know how much I love wood putty!! LOL

Besides stenciling and painting, I also finished the spool light we made weeks ago, remember that?......
I glued the light to the spool, and wrapped it with jute.....

I love these spools with the twine on them!  I put it on a couple other ones I have, and it looks perfectly prim!! 

I haven't had enough tomatoes to can in large batches this week, so I froze what we picked, and I'll be able to make vegetable juice maybe this weekend!  I made a huge amount when my sister was here -- 32 half-pint jars!  I wanted to take pictures to post on here, but I had my hands so full with chopping and cooking, and the kids all over the place, that I didn't even think of it until I was filling the jars!  I'll remember for the next batch, I promise!  I will also be canning some more fruit pretty soon, too -- yummy!! :-D

I've GOT to figure out this stencil-thing, so I can get it done!  I hate not being sure about what I want....this is why lots of my stuff never gets finished -- I can't make up my mind easily!!

Hopefully, I'll know what to do by tomorrow!! (yeah, right!) ^-^


  1. Love your spool lighting, very cute. This stencil is nice too, and also think it would look great if soften. I've never stencil a wall, but it sure does look challenging.

    Isn't the decision making part the hardest? I'm sure it will look great when you're done. ;)

  2. Oh Marlene, you sure do know me! LOL The decision making IS my hardest part!! :-P That's why I love the APP forum so much - now I have HELP!

    Stenciling isn't really hard at all, and it makes such an impact....I'm sure you could do it, if you ever wanted to - I even love to stencil painted mache boxes! :-D