Sunday, August 5, 2012

Look What I Made!! (It's NOT Tomatoes :-D)

For two days, I've had trouble with my browser crashing....every minute or so, it would just shut down!  VERY annoying!!

SOOOOO....instead of being online, I got to work on some things around here!  First, I started cooking another batch of tomatoes.....
That's a HUGE pot of tomatoes!!! :-D
And that's not all of them, either -- I have some over here, too.....
(the smaller container is from the freezer -- I froze those tomatoes last week, so they wouldn't go bad before I could cook them up!)

.....and I have ALOT more over here.....
That's a ton!!! LOL  Once I can the tomatoes in the pot, I will can these! :-D
And look closely at these from this picture.....
These are called oxheart tomatoes, isn't that funny?!  They look just like a heart, don't they!  They are delicious too, and nice and thick!  These are called Pantano Romanesco tomatoes, and I love them -- I'm saving seeds from these, so I can be sure to grow them next year, too!! :-D

Anyway, besides my tomatoes, I actually started on the chest of drawers that I glued together awhile ago....remember?  It's on my "Projects" list!  I actually got it finished today!!!  Isn't that FUN! :-D

It all started because I found a very inspiring sample color, called Sweet's a gorgeous dark brown that I knew was the exact color I wanted for this chest!
Here's how I started.....
Remember that I glued two single cabinets together....and just look at that color!!  What a great brown!

So I took all the drawer handles out (they weren't real)....

Here are the porcelain knobs I bought years ago from a thrift store.....
....this chest is the perfect thing to use them on! :-D

So I had to mark where the new knobs would go, and fill in all the holes from the original pulls.....
LOVE that wood putty!!! :-D

Here they are all filled in, with the new holes drilled (Brian did that for me!) -- I sanded the putty smooth.....

Now it's time to paint everything....

Once two coats of paint are dry (which doesn't take long), it's time to "distress" them....

This is kind of the hard part - it's alot of pressing down with the sandpaper!  My arms and fingers were getting tired!! LOL

Finally, ALL DONE with sanding.....

Now, the most important part -- the staining.....

I always have some stain hanging around here - this time, I'm using Puritan Pine.  See the difference when it's stained??  I rub the stain all over the paint, too, so it will get the stained look everywhere.

Phew!  DONE!!! :-D......

Now all that's left is screwing the knobs in and putting the drawers back!
Ok, remember the BEFORE picture?......

NOW, the AFTER......
I LOVE IT!!!! :-D
And, it's so great to get another project that has been waiting in the other room finished!!
So, this whole thing cost me about $15.....each chest was $14 at Hobby Lobby, and I bought them one at a time with a coupon for half-off!  The knobs were $1, I think.....GREAT deal!! :-D
Oh, I'm soooo happy with it!  It looks JUST how I wanted it to!

I guess I'll have to go back to tomatoes tomorrow.....maybe there's something else I can paint around here.....! ^-^


  1. Great job with the cabinet! It looks wonderful! And wow, look at all those tomatoes, you are sure going to busy for awhile! Thanks so much for the recipe for the pasta sauce for canning, can't wait to get started with it! Hope you had a great weekend,
    hugs Trish

  2. Lisa, you sure did a very nice job on that chest!
    I love a bargain!


  3. THANK YOU, Trish and Audrey! I have a weakness for any little drawers!! Usually they are too expensive for me to buy, so if I can MAKE what I want for much less, I get really excited! LOL

    Trish, I was happy to share that recipe, and if you have any questions about it, just email me -- good luck with it! :-D

  4. Lisa ~ Love the chest...what a difference. I'm a sucker for small drawers and cubbies myself. You are going to have me out buying paint samples. Too bad you can't dry some of those Oxheart tomatoes and use for displaying. So pretty and unique, never heard of them. :)


  5. Oh, and all those tomatoes! Don't your just love tomatoes in season. Ours are just starting to come in.