Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh GREAT.... :-P

Well, I stenciled the other wall in my living room, the wall over the didn't take too long, and it wasn't hard.  But something terrible happened when I got down off the ladder -- something that has happened way too often when I step back and view my hard work.......

I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!! :-P  And I still DON'T like it! :-P

This happens to me all the time!  WHY??  What is wrong with me that I can't either pick the right thing to do, OR, be happy with what I've picked???  OH, it's SOOOO discouraging to feel like this!  This is part of the reason I have such a difficult time making decisions......I know I'm not going to like whatever I decide to do! :-P

Oh UGH!!!

Here are two pictures of the wall.....
I know that I haven't sanded the stencils yet, or glazed the walls, and the TV is hideous (I'm going to make a cabinet like Jo's, on her picture trail - see my sidebar - it's the BEST!) that might make a difference in how it looks to me, maybe.  But do you know how bad it feels to try so hard to pick something that I will like the look of, and then when I get it almost finished, I realize I DON'T like the look of it!?!  It's soooo discouraging.... :-(

Wait....oh even better.....I just noticed a mistake I made....! :-P
What a ditz I am -- LOOK.....
Notice anything missing....???
Perfect, Lisa!  Well, at least that's easy to fix, unlike when you wish you could paint over everything and pick something else....!

I guess I'm going to keep it up, even though I don't like it, because maybe it will grow on me over the next few days once I get used to it.  Sometimes I dislike something new just because it's different and I'm not used to it, so there's some hope that I'll change my feelings about this.  Boy, I do hope so!  I HATE when this happens, I feel so discouraged!!  I could feel all my plans for painting and making stuff and creative inspiration screeching to a halt in my mind.  UGH!! :-P

Obviously, I didn't do anything else after this - I wasn't up for it!  But before I did the stenciling, I did the final sanding and smoothness check on my corner, and I'm happy to report it's perfect!! :-D (there's a smile!)
I didn't want to take another picture of the corner -- I'll wait until I get it painted and trimmed -- but I did take a picture of what happens when you are working on drywall and plastering and sanding!  My boys brought my attention to it, they thought it was so funny......

When I was sanding the new edge smooth, I stepped in the plaster dust and as I walked over our rug mat, I left my footprint! LOL  Part of the thing that my boys found so funny was how small my footprint is....I have very small feet (5 1/2), because I'm short (5ft), but both my boys are over 6ft tall and their foot size is 11 1/2 -12 -- good thing they didn't take after me, right?!! :-D

So I'll leave you with that image, since it's a little funny.....unlike the image of me staring at my stencil work and clenching my hair in both fists.....THAT'S not a happy image!! ^-^


  1. Give it time, Lisa. It will grow on you. I'm the same way--why do we do that to ourselves :[] It's going to look wonderful; it already does. I love stenciling; I have it in my house, too, and want to do more. In fact, I would like to do the whole wall kind, where you have lines of stenciling going vertically down the wall too. I just love your blog. It's so nice to know I'm not alone :) Keep up the great work!! Barb

    1. THANK YOU, Barb! I actually feel a little better just from reading your comment - it's a relief to know someone else does this too, I'm not just crazy or alone, like you said! :-) If you ever do the whole wall stenciling, be sure to send me a picture, I'd love to see it! I'm way too scared to try that - I'd never get it "right"!! :-P

      I'm going to follow my dear Marlene's advice....she's the one that taught me to live with a new thing for a little while, and that has helped me tremendously -- and saved me alot of work! LOL

      Thanks again for your encouragement, Barb!! :-D

  2. LISA!!! I'm sorry...was suppose to get with you about your stenciling. I'm leaving something in youf PM, ok? I still like this stencile. I must say to you are braver than I am....the thought of stenciling causes anxiety for me. You already know the routine. Do it, enjoy or hate it for a while. Make whatever changes neccessary, if need be.

    You're doing quite well, if you ask me. ;)

    1. Don't worry Marlene!! I'm already doing what you said, WAITING! :-D
      I know why you get anxiety about this kind of stuff, and I give it to myself, too! I LOVE your comments, they always help me figure this stuff out! :-D And I got your PM - LOVE it, and I'll email you back tomorrow! THANKS, as always!! :-D

  3. Lisa, here's a link to my house. I belong to a forum called The Primitive Pantry. I hope this link works for you--I don't know if this particular link is closed if you're not a member: My house is small and meager. I just dream and "oooo" and "awwww" at those spectacular colonial/prim homes. Someday, when the funds become available (ha ha--hever), maaaayyyyybeeee I can try to sort of attain some semblance of that look :()

    1. Oh my goodness, Barb, I was able to look at your slideshow and your home is WONDERFUL! I don't think it's meager at all, and I love how you've decorated and arranged everything!! WOW! I love your colors too, and the way you have the chair rail higher on the wall looks GREAT! That's what I did in the room and hallway that I wallpapered....I know it's more "true" to keep it at 30 or 32 inches, but I just like it better up more. You have some really nice things and I don't think it's "sparse" at all, it's perfectly balanced! And your stenciling is great, I love how you put it up each wall on the corners....I'm going to have to think about that in here....hmmm!

      Thank you so much for sharing those pictures with me, Barb! You shouldn't feel unworthy at all (silly!), you should be very proud of what you've done!! :-D