Friday, August 10, 2012


I don't know HOW it minute, my painted baseboards were stacked against the wall, for weeks (months!), because Brian didn't feel up to putting them UP....then the next minute, I was moving them (to get them out of the way for my sister's impending visit) and suddenly, he was grabbing his nail gun and saw, and putting up the baseboard!!!!  HOORAY!!!
You won't believe how great it looks!!.....

Isn't it a huge difference?!!
I still can't get over how great it looks now -- it's been unfinished for years, so seeing the finished boards there is going to excite me for a couple of weeks, at least! LOL  I haven't gotten used to it yet!
Next I will be putting a little piece of quarter-round trim on the floor, against the boards, but that will be after my sister's visit.  AND, it's something I can do myself (remember, I'm getting handy with the power tools! :-D)
Now, I really have to stencil in here!!   And, if I get brave, distress the walls!

Boy, I don't even know what else I was planning on posting about tonight....the baseboard has just whooshed all other thoughts out of my head!  Hahaha!
OH....well, we did pick tomatoes again today.....
You can see I also picked peppers, too! :-D  This doesn't include another basket-full that are on a shelf on the back porch, because they have a little too much green -- a day or two in the sun will ripen them up perfectly!!  I'll be able to make my first batch of tomato-vegetable juice next week!

We are about to have our first cold front cross over us tomorrow (it's going to be in the mid-80s....I hope I can stand the cold....LOL).....but that's not the only reason I can feel fall is getting closer.....I put my first yarn auction on my ebay watch list....!  What that means is, I'm starting to feel the pull of crochet -- and I don't usually get inspired by crochet patterns and yarns until the cooler seasons are here!!  YAY!
And, next month will be the Apple Festival, up in the town where Brian works - I loved it last year!!!!  I didn't expect to, because I have always gone to an apple orchard in the fall, but it was really great!  Almost every orchard in North Carolina was there, and we got a ton of apples and pears!  I can't WAIT!!! :-D

Well, tomorrow we have to run a few errands, and then the day will be all about cleaning up and putting away....Brian brought all my paint cans out to our storage room (in our barn), and I felt a little sad about it -- I still have my samples in here (he's not getting those), so that's good enough -- I just hate to think that I can't paint if I get in the mood for it.  Which is why it's always a cluttered mess around here! :-D
That reminds me, when we were moving the couch to put the baseboard up, we uncovered a dust/fur bunny that was as big as my cat!!  For a moment I thought about grabbing my camera to take a picture of it, but I was too ashamed to document my failures as a housekeeper!  Let me put it this way....I didn't try to vacuum it up, because it would have clogged the vac - I had to pick it up and drop it into the trash!! :-P
I guess I need to clean under the couch more often....ya think??!  Who am I kidding, though -- I never think enough about cleaning to remember to do those kinds of things.  I'm way too busy dreaming about paint colors or wood projects or house projects!!  Those are so much more important! ^-^


  1. Lisa ~ Very nice boards, and what a difference? I love the color too. Nice rug too, don't know if I'd mentioned before or not, but I really like it.

    I think you and the entire U.S.A. is welcoming cooler temps. I just don't want a 2 week long Fall this year, as I'm so not looking forward to a Cold Winter, and this is what I think we are going to experience this year. Enjoy!!!

  2. I know what you mean, I don't like the cold either! Most people I talk to, like cold more than heat, but not me -- I definitely don't like to BAKE in the humid heat we get, but cold actually hurts me....and it seems to last longer than heat does! I guess I only really like Spring and Fall!! LOL Let's keep our fingers crossed about this coming winter - maybe we'll get lucky....? :-D

    And I'm glad you like the rug -- I got it years ago on ebay, when there was an awesome rug seller who sold used rugs from the Mid-East for dirt cheap! I think this rug cost me $40 (that includes shipping)!!! I have a few more smaller ones that cost even less! I wish they were still there, but they aren't....I can't find anymore great rug deals on ebay! :-(