Friday, August 3, 2012

My 100th Post!!

HEY!!!  This is my 100th post!  WOW, right?!!  Congratulations, ME!!! :-D 
And THANKS to everyone who reads my blog....that's what makes blogging fun for me!  It should be my sisters, but since they are too busy with Facebook, I am thrilled to have people I don't even know enjoying my blog.....especially my best, favorite online friend -- MARLENE!!!  Love you, Marlene!  :-D

Anyway, today was SOOOO fun.....we went to the little primitive/country store again! :-D 
Oh, I love it there so much, and I want to buy everything!  And, I took more pictures!!

Behold the awesomeness......

I want to live there!!!

Here is what I bought.....
Isn't that the neatest scoop? :-D 
I wanted so much more....what I do is, I pick up several things and carry them around, and then put them down as I go through the store, because I can't ever decide what I want the most! LOL

After, we went to Goodwill, and look what I found.....
This hideous box is actually a nice wood box!  Won't this be perfect for wallpapering???  I definitely want to try doing that this week!!  I haven't gotten around to doing anything with the other, larger box I found, because I'm having a hard time wanting to cover it or paint it, because it's really nice, and maybe I should leave it the way it is.....?  But THIS box has this ugly, plastic top that absolutely needs to be covered!  Plus, it's smaller, so it won't be as much work to cover.  Check back for an update....!! :-D

At the grocery store, they had nectarines for 82 cents a pound....that's TERRIFIC!!!  So I bought 6lbs!!.....
They smell SOOOOO delicious!!  I'm going to can them, won't that be fun?  I've never canned them before, and I think it's time to work on fruit for a while, right?! LOL
Of course, Brian brought these in this morning.....
YIKES!!  I guess I'm getting what I wanted this past spring, aren't I?? LOL 

Oh, and there is good news about the weather....when they showed the 7-day forecast tonight, it was 88 and 89 all week!  That means I'll be able to stain the cupboard boards that I've got stacked behind the couch -- YAY!!  I've been waiting because they shouldn't be stained in high heat and humidity, because they won't dry right and they could warp.  And they cannot be stained inside, because of the strong fumes!  I did that once, with the first board I stained for the flooring I showed you, and the smell was AWFUL - I won't do that again! 
So I might actually get that project going!!  Oh, that's so exciting! :-D  I'll have to stain the boards while I'm cooking tomatoes and nectarines, but that's no problem....I'm eager to work on that cupboard!  It will look so good in the kitchen!!! 

Oh, it's perfect!!!! ^-^


  1. Lisa ~ CONGRATS on your 100th Post!!! You're one busy Lady in your private life and to find the time to share wonderful post with us is so Amazing to me.
    My mouth just watered when I saw those nectarines and at a Great price too. Now, the larger box you were thinking of papering, I agree, don't think I would paper it either and a smaller box like this one is better, I love it too with the doving corners. I purchased a very small one (square shape). Now, I need to find a nice wallpaper for it. I still don't know what kind to even look for...certainly need something with a small pattern, as it's very small. Look forward to seeing your paper box and your other project (the kitchen cabinet) in a future post. Love the scoop and viewing this shop again. TFS and much Love to you. :)

    1. THANKS Marlene!! :-D
      If you are looking for little pieces of wallpaper, go to wallpaper stores and ask about their books that are discontinued....they GIVE those away!