Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Painted Basket!!!

Today, I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, so I thought that I'd be home before lunch -- NOPE!!  He was an hour and a half behind!!! :-P 
By the time I got home, after lunch, there wasn't enough time to can my tomatoes from yesterday!  I was kind of relieved, because I was really wanting to PAINT something, now I had my chance!!  My only problem with my little painting projects is that I'm having trouble picking out the colors I want....should it be pumpkin or ivory, black or red, blue or mustard....???  AAAHHHH!!!  How do I choose?!

So after standing over my paint samples, and looking over at the baskets that I want to paint, it took me several minutes to decide what to do!  First I picked the basket - I picked the ugliest colored one, the one I was sure I wanted to paint.....
(in the spirit of not being "perfect", I won't crop out the ugly unfinished kitchen wall in the background, as much as it embarrasses me!! :-P)

Remember this basket from my thrift store booty this past weekend?  And notice that when I finally DID pick a color, I didn't use one of my samples!!  Hahahaha!!!  Am I something else, or what?! LOL
This color I did pick is GREAT - it's called Dark Cavern by Behr, and guess how old it is.....the date on the top says September 2005!  That's 7 years old!!  And it's still perfect!  I only had to shake it up and it was ready!!
Anyway, I started painting it.....
....oh, it felt so good to paint something!  And this color is so great -- it's like a gray-brown - I love it!!

Painting this basket, though, wasn't so easy!  It was hard to get the paint in every spot, but it looked so good as that ugly bright pinkish-red got covered, I was really motivated!! :-D


Then it was time for the distressing.....
.....I picked a nice tan, and dry-brushed lightly all over.....

....and then DONE!.....

Oh, it looks great!!  What fun this was, it's been way too long since I worked on anything besides recipes!  Of course, tomorrow I'll be back at the canning, but I might try to squeeze another painted basket in between chopping!! :-D

NOW....what color should they be....???? ^-^

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  1. Gosh!!! Did this basket turn out great or what. You make it look so easy. I can't paint a basket, but to make it look so prim. Great job. TFS&I :)