Saturday, August 11, 2012

The LAST Day......

.....of calm before the storm!!!  Haha! :-D

Today, we stopped at the Farmer's Market and picked up a dozen ears of white corn.....

YUM!  I'm not sure if we will eat these tomorrow, or if I will freeze them.....I want to do BOTH!! :-D   Oh, I love the Farmer's Market!  I also bought some Asian Pear jelly - I couldn't believe I saw it there, after talking about the apple festival in my last post.....that's where I bought Asian pears last year, and this year I want to can some jelly (well, jam) from them!!  Now I can try it first, right?! LOL

So the best thing about today is that my Fall issue of A Primitive Place magazine was at the Post Office waiting for me!!!  Take a look at the cover.....
If you still don't have a subscription to this magazine, I don't know what you are waiting for!  It is beautiful, and so well made -- it's more like a special book than a magazine, and they have the best pictures....maybe tomorrow night I will post a few pictures from inside it!  If you are going to pick one country/primitive magazine to buy, this is the one to get!!!  You wouldn't be sorry!!

So putting things away today, I came across two Gooseberry Patch books that I pulled out so I could try making two projects in them......

I want to try making my own candles, or actually, distressing cheap purchased candles - the candles in the picture look great, don't they??
And I LOVE those Santa heads!!  They are made by crumpling aluminum foil into those shapes and covering them with paper mache, then painting them!  I want to try that!! :-D  I also have ideas of other things to make like that too.....maybe little pears or apples!

Other than these things, we did some cleaning today.....oh, and I put some of my favorite important things away, like my books and paint samples!!  There is still more to do tomorrow, before they get here......*Sigh!*.....I'm enjoying this last night of peace and solitude! ^-^


  1. Love those Santas, and the thought of making them. Wow, sounds like fun, but I have too many things on my to do list. :D Thought about you yesterday...purchased a sample of paint $ .99! :D It's a pumpkin or nutmeg color. Love it. See what you've caused? :D

    Enjoy your family!!!

  2. MARLENE!! It's great to hear from you! :-D I miss you!!
    Oh, I am so happy to recruit another paint sample hoarder! LOL The color sounds awesome!!