Thursday, August 16, 2012


Oh, I am having the BEST visit with my sister and her kids!!! :-D
It has been so much fun, and not one tricky situation or difficulty (even with all these different people here!) -- the only not-great thing about it is that right now, she took my kids with hers and her husband and they went to a small, fun resort in the mountains for two days and tonight is the second night, and I'm not really enjoying the quiet here!  I wanted to go too, but Brian didn't have any time off, and we have our dogs and no one to watch them this week.....SO, I stayed. :-(   I just want to say right out that I'm not one of those parents who can't wait for the kids to grow up and move away, or who feel relief when they are gone for awhile, or who need to have a night away alone once in a while.....I'm the OPPOSITE:  I love my family being here, I wish I had more kids, I hate not being able to share in what fun things they are doing there, I've told all my kids that they can live with us until they get married! LOL
I am so happy that they are having fun, doing special things - I am SO grateful to my sister and her husband for their generosity, and she's sending back great pictures.....but I want everyone to come home now!! :-D  I originally thought I'd stencil in the living room while they were gone, or get some other painting done, but I'm having a hard time focusing with all the unending quiet around here -- it's eerie!!  I have done a bunch of cleaning and laundry, but that's it....I just can't get motivated.  Thank goodness everyone is coming back tomorrow!

Basically, the whole visit (before they went to the resort) was about us all being together here, the kids hanging out, playing games, swimming, watching movies, AND.....Chrissy's cooking!!!!!  She is a terrific cook, and always has new, delicious meals to try.  Wait until you see this....she made EGG ROLLS.....can you imagine such a thing??  I was extremely impressed!  She got this recipe from a friend who made them at a party or something, and she said she made them about five times the following month! LOL 
They are delicious!!!

She made them with ground turkey, chopped cabbage, chopped fresh ginger, chopped garlic, and soy sauce....after browning the turkey, she added all the other ingredients to the pan and heated it through (sorry I forgot to get a picture of that!).....then she put one or two spoons of that mixture in the middle of little won ton wrappers (from the deli - who knew??), and wrapped them up, using dabs of water to seal the edges......

(pay no attention to my goofy boys getting their limbs into the picture! :-P)
(Also, don't you just love the mess on the island?  It's not mine, for once!!! LOL)

After they are all wrapped up, you drop them in heated oil to fry.....
.....until they are golden brown on each side.....
Oh my goodness, YUMMY!!!

These are terrific with or without duck sauce!
I intend to make these again, and to try other ingredients too, like pork, or vegetarian, or fill with some kind of sweet filling for a dessert....the possibilities are endless!

The weather has been perfect, as well -- it's been in the 60s at night, and mid-80s all day!  And this weekend, a cold front is pushing through and the highs will be in the LOW 80s!!  YAY!  Chrissy and her family will be leaving on Saturday, which is always sad, but taking a break from working on or thinking about the house and all my projects has really refreshed my inspiration with everything.....I'm looking forward excitedly to getting some things done!

Here's my LIST (you knew there had to be one):

1. Stencil the living room
2. TRY antiquing one wall
3. Finish painting the back doors and the hallway trim (remember that??)
4. Finish painting the tiny bit of unfinished trim in the library room (I am so ashamed... :-P)
5. Stencil in the library room
6. Replace the unfinished sheet rock in the kitchen, and tape and mud that last wall (should be quick, it's so small)

That's enough to keep me busy for a bit, right?!!  Let's check back next week and see how much I actually get done!!! LOL

Well, I hope everyone is finally getting a break from the heat, and enjoying cooler temperatures -- I know I am, and it wasn't even that hot here compared to other places!  Fall is coming soon.....hooray!!! ^-^

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