Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm NOT Sure.....!!

Ok, well, my internet is even worse today, but at least I found out what the problem is -- my modem! :-P 
Can you believe that??  It's barely a year and a half old, and it doesn't work anymore!!  It can't hold the internet signal, or something like that, so I have to get another one.....that is, BUY another one! :-P  Fortunately, my phone/internet company sells them, and I can just add a monthly payment for it to my bill ($10 - easy!).....of course, they sold me the broken one too, and conveniently, it broke down right after the warranty was up....! :-P (<I've got alot of these in this post, don't I?)

Anyway, it should be arriving at my house tomorrow sometime, so I'll be able to be on my computer at home again!  Right now, I'm using the free Wi-Fi at McDonald's!! LOL  It's weird sitting here at night - I don't normally go anywhere after dark, so it feels strange.....I'll be leaving right after I post this to my blog!

I suppose I could have waited until tomorrow to post, but I really like blogging, and it seems like I have something to say almost every day! :-D  I don't know if that's bad or good to anyone reading my blog....there's alot of posts to read on here already, does anyone have the time to read them all??

Anyway (again), I wanted to show everyone what I did today.....I decided to work in the library room, because there really is NO excuse for me not finishing the little paint touch-ups that are left in there, and I'm so ashamed of myself for it!! LOL  I'm going to make finishing that room my priority this week!  So here's what I did......BEFORE.....
What do you think???  The stencil looks a little small to me.....I'm not sure!  Brian loves it (he said stenciling always makes a room look good), and I definitely love this stencil (and the color of it), but I am wondering if it should be a bit bigger....?  I also painted the fake-wood picture frame, which I do like much better, although I'm not sure about this picture in here, either!  I only stenciled this wall, in case I wanted to change it, so.....what do you think??  Is it too small......?
So many decisions!! :-P (<there's that face again!)

Well, I'm going to go, so I can get home.....I'll be on tomorrow from my new modem!  Hopefully, this will mean the end of all the internet problems we've been having, won't that be great!!
I want to leave you with one more picture of my sister's visit -- it's of all the kids (except her youngest, who's 4) playing cards in my living room.....
 Oh, what a fun time that was!!! ^-^

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  1. Lisa ~ I like this stencil....It's hard to tell the if the size is too small or not, but it's pretty.

    Please, don't mention modem issues; need to purchase one too. urggghhh...I can write a book about this. :D

    Wonderful family too...enjoy playing cards too, myself.