Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Choice.....UGH!!

Ok, I stenciled another wall in the living room, with the new stencil I showed last night.....I'm almost sold completely on it, but there are still a few doubts creeping in....what do you think?......
I used a greenish-blue paint for it, and I'm not sure about that, either!
I'm pretty sure I like this one better than the other one I painted, but I found a scroll-y one that I like alot, too!  OH!!  So many stencils, so little rooms! :-D
I posted the stencil pictures on the A Primitive Place forum, maybe those ladies can help me....haha!

Once I get the stenciling done in here (if ever), I'm going to try that antiquing glaze.....!  I'm nervous about it, but I'm going to just DO IT, on one wall to test it out -- if I hate it or mess it up, I'll just paint over it and forget all about antiquing glaze! LOL  But hopefully it won't come to that!

The other big deal about today is that Brian finally put up the last, smallest piece of sheet rock in the kitchen -- I've been wanting that finished for a few years, so YAY!! :-D
When we first put the new walls in the kitchen, we had a strange angle for the wall that entered the family room, and he cut the piece wrong, so the wall edge was completely off, and I couldn't plaster and tape it and finish it!  It was another little problem that kept getting put off, because there were other more important things to do.  But finally, several weeks ago, I took the piece OFF the studs and started threatening him that I was going to do it myself!! LOL (that always works! :-D) 
Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about......
Here it is BEFORE - see how the angle above the door frame is in one spot, and the way he cut and hung the last piece of rock puts the angle further out.  There was no way to fix this!  It HAD to be redone!!
Here is when I took it off......
The sheet rock above it was hung first, about a year before he (finally) put up the last piece, next to the frame.  When I tried to plaster and tape it, I realized that he had hung it just a little off from where it was supposed to be, and I couldn't do anything to fix it, it had to be redone!
Today, he did it!  Aaaahhhhh!!!!  MUCH better!......
Now I can finish it!! :-D  That makes me SO happy - all these little jobs are getting done!
It won't take much for me to plaster and tape this corner -- I plastered ALL the seams in all the walls in the kitchen!  That outside corner above the frame is MY work!! :-D  

So, I'm still having no luck at all with instructions for wallpaper boxes.....I guess I'm really on my own with it! :-P  I'm going to finish the kitchen wall tomorrow, and then I'm going to start on the boxes, if there's enough time.....I'll just have to try some ideas of my own to make it look the way I want.  I'll be sure to take pictures and write down the steps -- hopefully, they will turn out right!

Now for the BAD's Sunday night! :-(  I hate when Brian goes back to work, I always wish he could be home (to work on more of my projects! hee hee!!)  The silver lining is that I get really motivated when he is gone, to work on things so he can be surprised or relieved about them when he gets home.  So let's see how I do tomorrow, right?!! ^-^

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