Thursday, August 9, 2012

I DID IT!!!!

Yup, you read that right.....I DID it -- I stained the cupboard boards!!! :-D

I hauled them onto the back porch, where I've had Brian's wooden horses waiting for weeks.....

Here's the first board!  I only applied the stain once, all over the board, and then wiped it off, so it was only on for a few minutes....but I'm wondering if it's too dark???
Here they are ALL stained!!  But look closer....
....I mean, well, I'm not sure!  Oh, leave it to me to find something to not like about it...! :-P
The wood looks beautiful stained, though, doesn't it?!  I love wood!!!

I will sand it again tomorrow, that might lighten it enough to satisfy me.....and I've got to figure out what to do about the other side, the rough side that I didn't sand....I don't think I should leave it raw and plain, but there isn't enough stain to DO that side....but I want the inside to look "old" too....hmmm....!  Maybe I could mix some dark paint with water, and rub that on??  I'll have to think about it!
Maybe we can get this built this weekend???  (it's Thursday night again, my favorite night!! :-D)

Of course, I stained these boards in the middle of CANNING!! LOL
I just made plain tomato sauce, no seasonings.....
I wonder how many tomatoes are up there in the garden right now, waiting to take over my kitchen again?! Haha!!
Bring them on!  I'm ready!! :-D


And now for some BIG NEWS -- I just found out my sister, Christine, is coming for a visit with her family (of 4 kids) on Sunday, THIS Sunday!!  *cue Beethoven's Fifth - dun dun dun DUUUUUNNNNN!!!*

I knew she was thinking of coming here this month, I just didn't know it was this weekend!  Keep in mind, she's only talked about a trip here twice to me.....last spring....!!!!  Well, that's our Chrissy for you!
Don't get me wrong, I love having her come here, and seeing the kids.  I always feel so happy when the visit is over and I think back on it - I've never regretted them being here, or thought, "I could never do that again!"  And it's awesome that I don't have to drive up there to visit them!!'s just a little shocking that it's in three days (well, technically TWO).....I may not be blogging every night next week!! :-D

Look at this picture that I dragged out.....
I'm the oldest, on the end....I think I'm 9 here!  Chrissy is the one next to our brother, I think she's 3!!  My mom had two more girls after this (she was probably pregnant when this was taken!)
Here is one of all of us.....
I'm on the end again, holding our youngest sister!  Chrissy is in the middle....see how our mom liked to line us up by age?  I'm 12 1/2 in this one!  And this is the last time I am the tallest -- now I'm the shortest!! LOL

So, see Chrissy's impish grin??  Keep that in mind next week, when you all are living your normal, ordered lives, and I'm in chaos!!!  Hahaha!  I'm sure I'll have some great stories to tell!!! ^-^

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  1. Wow, you've been busy! I am always one for starting projects in the middle of other projects too, lol. Since you're out of stain for the inside of the cupboards, you could always paint the inside a really neat pop of color--- like a mossy green or pumpkin orange. That would look neat!
    Good luck with your sister's visit! Hope you all have lots of fun!