Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today, I spent the whole day peeling and chopping tomatoes.....the WHOLE day.  I did get about 20 cups of chopped tomatoes out of it, but by then, I didn't have time to actually cook and can them!!  It was supper time when I got the last tomato peeled and chopped!  PHEW!!!  You know, that's not in any of the canning books, either -- "peel and chop 12 cups of tomatoes, 4 hours later start cooking them on medium-low"!!
I do love peeled tomatoes, though!  They look SO yummy, it takes some self-control not to eat them as fast as I peel them! :-D

Anyway, I am NOT going to post about that tonight!  As I was working in my kitchen all day, I would walk by the library room, where some of my unfinished projects are sitting, and I'd look wistfully over at them, just itching to paint something!  So I was thinking, I still haven't picked out the stencils I want to use in the living room OR the library room.....I have been trying to work up the courage to "age" those walls (when I get time to do it), but I can stencil first, because I want the aging to go over the stenciling!

SOOOO....tonight, after dinner and dishes were done, and Hubby was in bed (he goes to bed early) and the kids were reading in their rooms, I pulled out my stencil box!......
You probably can't tell from the picture, but that box is 2ft by 1.5ft and 5inches high -- it's about as big as a couch cushion, and full to the top -- I've got alot of stencils!!! :-D

I've cut most of those myself, and it's really easy!  I like cutting my own, because I can make them the size I want, and my material is MUCH thicker than the paper-thin mylar that stencil companies use.
Here they are all spread out......
I'm trying to decide which ones I want in here!

Puppy was watching me, and dying to get in on the fun.....

THEN, she couldn't stand it anymore -- she had to get herself in where my attention was focused.....
She is looking at me, unmoving, while I'm patting the couch where she was just laying, and saying "come on!"....she's not falling for it! LOL  (she's SO cute!!)

So I get the boys to bring her into their room (with the other dogs), and then I have to deal with this.....
*Sigh!*  Get out of the box, crazy cat!!! LOL  It's madness around here, I tell ya! :-D

Ok, order is restored, and here are my favorite stencils.....
I am leaning toward the middle one in the living room (the one that looks like a tulip), and maybe the one right above it for the library room (the Stencil Ease one).....of course, I also LOVE the swirl on the right, and the viney one on the left!!  Hmmmm.....!  Hey, I never can make a confident decision, as anyone who has read my blog is well aware of by now!!
Well, at least I have something to think about tomorrow while I'm cooking tomatoes and chopping peppers, right?!! ^-^


  1. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    My goodness, you sure are one busy lady!
    I sure admire a woman who cans her own food.
    I hope you will share your stenciling once it's all complete. I would love to see it.
    You've just gained another follower!

    Have a terrific evening,

    1. Hi Audrey!! I loved your blog!
      And I will definitely post about stenciling when I get it done....with all my canning, it might be a few weeks, though! LOL
      Thanks for saying "hi" and joining me! :-D

  2. Hi Lisa WOW you cut your own stencils? I envy you! I have tried and tried and can't get the hang of cutting stencils!

  3. It IS very tedious, Jo! About a year and a half ago, I spent a full week cutting stencils for my kitchen - a little excessive, right?! LOL I photocopy the stencil I want, enlarge it to the right size, and use a sharp craft knife to go over the edges of the picture! It also helps if I tape the stencil plastic TO the photocopy.

    If you'd like me to cut anything for you, just let me know - I'd be happy to do that for you! :-D