Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Oh, you are NOT going to believe what I got today!!!!  We got this at the thrift store today - we went back to return a printer that we were hoping would work (because my printer WON'T), so we had a $5 credit to use there, immediately.....we couldn't come back and use it (that's how they do returns at that thrift store).  So we were looking around, and I didn't see anything that struck me as "must have", so I went over to the books, which is next to the furniture, and I saw THIS BEAUTY.......

What do you think of it - isn't it so awesome?!!  I couldn't decide if it was the right "style" that I am always going for, but I have always wanted an armchair, and this just looked so old-ish, the more I looked at it, the more I loved it - AND, I was sitting in it, and it felt very comfortable!  Now here is the best part.....it cost FIVE dollars....that's right -- $5!!!!  Wow, right?  So then, I had to have it!!  It had a loose leg, so Brian spent all afternoon prying it apart, fixing the broken joinery (dowel pins), cutting an identical wood support to replace the cracked one, and gluing it all together!  (LOVE him!! :-D)

Now as I sit here, I'm trying to think of the best place to put it....in the library room?  Here in the living room?  In the family room next to my black side table?  Oh, the options are limitless!! LOL  It's funny how something like this excites me so much, right?!  When I actually think about why I am so happy, I feel a little ridiculous, but that doesn't change anything (nor would I want it to!)

So this delightful chair has capped off a very thrilling buying spree, and I was thinking about it tonight, and I decided I need to take a break from buying anything more for a little while.  I haven't spent much money at all, but all the fun searching has caused me to lose my focus -- I'm supposed to be finishing up my projects!  And working on projects that I bought other stuff for!!  I need to find a place to display (so I can enjoy) the many wonderful items that I have now.  I have a tendency to acquire stuff, but not do anything with it once it's mine.  So I'm going to turn back to what I was working on, and get my thrills by getting my rooms done! :-)

But really, just look at my NEW CHAIR.....!!!! *sigh!*  ^-^

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