Saturday, July 21, 2012

And I'm Not Even Tired!

Well, I finally got to sleep last night around 3:30am!!!  Yikes, right?!  The weird thing is, I never oversleep....even when I WANT to!  I woke up around 8:00 and got out of bed at 8:30....and here I sit at 12:48am.....NOT TIRED!  I've always been like this, according to my mom - I rarely took naps after I turned 1 yr old (much to her dismay, hee hee!), and I've resisted sleep ever since.  It was easier to fall asleep when my kids were babies and toddlers - that was soooo exhausting, even if it seems to those who work (like husbands and sisters....) that it shouldn't be, and I can't explain why!  But ever since they grew out of teensy-childhood, I've been staying up later and later, but never sleeping later and later.....I guess I'm a night-owl AND a morning-person!!  LOL

Anyway, I didn't can anything yesterday, but I DID pick (along with my hubby!).....

Do you see all that??  WOW!!  It's so exciting!  And most of these didn't have any bird-holes in them, so maybe (hopefully) the little creatures have moved on to bugs or the seeds I put out for them! :-D  And, I think it's time to make a few jars of pickles....!! LOL

Today, I did can some tomatoes, I made Garlic Basil Sauce - YUMMY!.....
Aren't they so pretty?!  *Sigh!!*  Seeing them all finished and ready for the pantry makes me so HAPPY!!
And next week, I'm going to make tomato soup!

I also did some other fun things....I painted the sides of the new print I glued.....
That green is much darker without a flash lighting it up, and it goes perfectly with the greens in the picture.  Now all that's left is to slather some glue over the top of the print, and hang it up!

And something VERY exciting is that I picked up some more.....PAINT CARDS!!!  Yay!!  LOL

I know what you're thinking, but really, these are quite special!  See the name in the first picture?  It's Benjamin Moore, and it's their Historical Collection -- I don't have any of their colors!  And I keep hearing about them on the A Primitive Place forum, so I HAD to see them for myself, right?! :-D
They are wonderful colors!  There were many more that I didn't grab, but I'm so impressed with them, the shades, the names (I'm heavily influenced by paint names! LOL), the variety.....and their quart prices were VERY reasonable, so I might not even have to color match at Lowe's with these - although, I love a chance to say "hi" to Daniel or Amy, my favorite paint-people!!  I can always visit them to get a....paint sample....!!!  Haha!  You know I will have to have a few of's useless to resist.... :-D

Before I go, I have got to share one more bright spot in my weekend travels.....CHOCOLATE.....
These I found while looking around Big Lots, and I was skeptical because I'm pretty particular about my chocolate, and the wrapper states clearly "chocolate flavored bar", but I was willing to take a chance because of the price, and the marzipan - oh, so yummy!  Well, they are DELICIOUS!!!  These in the picture are actually my second purchase -- I bought one last weekend, and when I realized I loved it, I spent the whole week rationing it out to myself so it would last until I could get more!  I tried a new one, on the right, that has tiramisu, but that isn't as good....I should have stuck to the marzipan!!  Well, I'll be back there next weekend, maybe I'll clean them out! :-D

I guess I'm off to look at Pinterest while I try to feel sleepy (it's 1:45am now)....maybe I can be sleeping by 2:15....???  ^-^

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