Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cabin Fever!

It was another HOT day today, maybe one degree cooler than yesterday!  By now, it's feeling like a heavy object is pressing down on us!!  My poor vegetable plants -- they look so droopy, which is how I feel!  We have been watering every night, and you can tell they love it.  I can't wait until it drops back into the mid-90s!  LOL

Ok, so, I've been camping out in the house for days now (except when we go out to run errands, but that doesn't count!) - normally, I get outside in my yard every day, but it is just TOO hot to be out there for any amount of time!  I'm getting a little antsy in here......I can't stain the wood for my cabinet yet, either, because it has to be done outside, and I don't think it will dry properly in such heat (it won't).....SO, I've been consumed with other fun ideas!!  (I should be painting the trim, but that just doesn't seem like fun.... :-P)

Ok, one of my ideas is SHEEP......
These little sheep are reproductions of very cute, very sought-after, antique sheep!  This was in an issue of Country Sampler magazine, and the woman gave step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the little sheep using clay and twigs and wool!
Sooooo, yesterday, I picked up THIS......
It was even on sale!  Now, I feel like I must try to make some of these sheep!  I have seen them on people's picture trails, although most of those I believe are true antiques (and valuable).  Of course, I have to use the oven to bake the sculpey, so I won't be making those until I am willing to turn it on.....!

Something else I want to try to make are wallpaper boxes!  I first saw them on the A Primitive Place blog (you've GOT to check that out if you haven't yet!), here are some antique ones I found on eBay.....

Aren't they SO COOL!?!  Some of them have newsprint inside them from the 1800s - WOW!!  Of course, these are also around $500 each!  But I think I could make something like this too - they have wooden boxes at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, and all I'd have to do is glue on and distress some wallpaper!!  Why not?! :-D

BUT, the thing I'm most excited about, that I'm going to try to do tomorrow, is make a wood frame for a picture I bought a looooong time ago, about a year......
 I haven't been able to put it up because I don't have a frame for it, and I didn't want to buy one, especially one with glass - that's not one bit "primitive"!
When I was looking through the APP forums, someone talked about making a print look like an old oil painting - you glue it to a canvas frame and cover it with decoupage glue mixed with a little brown paint!  So I'm going to have Brian build the wood frame, then I'll staple on the canvas, and do all the rest!!  I'm really excited about it because I've been wanting to find a way to put that print over the fireplace since I bought it, but I couldn't think of that myself -- I just LOVE those forums!! ^-^

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