Sunday, July 8, 2012

I MIGHT Get ONE Project Done.....!!

Ok, this is SO FUN.....we finished the canvas frame for the print I want to glue on it (that I mentioned in a previous post)!!  Now all that's left is for me to paint it and glue on the print - I'll do the painting tomorrow!! :-D
Here's what we did.......
Here it is all finished -- it looks dirty because the canvas was cut from a drop cloth I used in the living room, and it has paint on it.  It also has dust and cat fur that I have to get off there before I paint it! LOL  I decided to use the canvas because the other fabric was just too thin - it will have to be used for samplers!! :-D

Here's one of the edges, so you can see the staples.....

Here's a corner - I wrapped one side over and Brian stapled it near the top.....

I am SOOOO excited about this!  I still have to glue the edges, so they don't fray, and I'm not sure how much decoupage glue I have (to glue the print down), so I don't know how far I'll get on it this week, but it's so exciting just the same!!  It's going to look SO GOOD when it's done, and I'm already thinking of other things I can make this way!  I'll be sure to take pictures every step of the way..... :-D

On a sad note, Brian's vacation is truly over now -- he's in bed and going back to work when he wakes hoo!! :-(  I HATE when he's gone, it just doesn't seem like anything is fun or happy unless I am sharing it with him.  It's always a hard adjustment for me when he goes back after time off - I get used to him being home again, like two years ago, and I don't want to give that up!
*SIGH!*  I'll just have to stay busy, and the time always goes by (too) fast, so he'll be home for next weekend before I can blink....I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself tonight! LOL

Relief from the heat is just a day away, so it's time to tackle the projects that have been on hold -- here's a list of what I'd like to work on this week.....
1. paint my new canvas!
2. stain the cabinet boards
3. try a little sponge painting in the living room
4. plaster the ceiling hole
5. finish painting the back doors (red - remember that job??  STILL not done!)
6. finish the curtains for the living room

Add to that vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and washing all the towels, and I have PLENTY to keep my mind on!!  Of course, check back to my posts all week and just see how many things I actually cross off that list.... Oh well, SO WHAT!  It's fun to make lists -- I'll just make a new list at the end of the week!  Haha!! ^-^

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