Friday, July 27, 2012

GRRRR!!!! Can You Believe THIS...??

LOOK AT THOSE!!!!  All those beautiful tomatoes, BIRDS!!! :-P  All that rot is from them pecking holes in them and then the heat and humidity causes the rot to start and spread, the hotter, the quicker!  Well, at least I managed to cut the rot off of them and salvage a part of each of those tomatoes - I froze them, so I can wait until next week to can them.  And these are part of another whole basket that we picked this morning, and the rest of the tomatoes are perfect, so I don't need to be TOO upset.....wouldn't it be funny (and ironic!) if the little baby birds from my porch were the ones eating my tomatoes?? LOL  Really though, I think they only eat bugs...I think....! :-D

AND....I'm going to have to clip these early this year.....
I don't usually see these blooms until the end of August -- that's one month early!  It's ok, I guess, I'll just have to have them hanging all over with the basil!!  Haha!

Look at how big the blooms can be.....
These are wonderful bushes to have if you like dried flowers -- they are SO easy, I just put them in crocks or pitchers or one year, I filled a basket with them and put it on my hearth!  They just dry right where they are, and they take on a lovely pinkish-beige color - soooo pretty!!

Of course, they aren't very pretty in front of the house, are they?  Rather unruly and gigantic!  I am thinking that I should clip them down and move them this fall, in the cool weather.  They are part of a larger problem I call "The Front Of The House" -- I really have NO vision for how it should look out there, what kind of plants would look best, what I should do with the ginormous bushes that are out there now.....I'm bewildered by it all!!  *SIGH!*  So I just leave it! :-P   Well, I'm busy struggling with decisions about the inside of the house, I'm not ready to try and tackle the outside yet, I think my brain would explode!! LOL

But you just will be in a blog post sooner or later!! :-D

So tomorrow isn't supposed to be as humid as it's been ALL MONTH -- finally!  It even felt better tonight when I took the dogs out at 11pm, cooler, drier....phew!!  Relief!
I am thinking we might stop at the thrift store tomorrow, but I'm not sure....I'm trying desperately to resist another paint sample....!!  LOL  I really want one from the Benjamin Moore paint colors that I talked about a few posts ago, but I want to stop myself until I know WHAT I need it for, and until I actually use up ONE of my other paint samples!   I'll let you know how I do with myself tomorrow..... ^-^


  1. LISA ~ You and your paint samplers. As you already know, I LOVE PAINT too. I will mix paint like it's no bodies business, but mine. :D And, those blooms of yours are amazing. I have some that I dried and they are going on 2 years now of decor. Just moved them a couple of days ago...need to find more, as they are beginning to give up on me. ;) . Now, if these are the only rotten tomatoes you've had all season, girl you are blessed. And, I KNOW you've had some Beautiful ones. Thank GOD for the mild humidity. Loving it.

    SUPER BLOG you have so Informative and Inspiring...I've gone through it once...but, have to go back to a few, and re-read and view pictures again. So much to learn and take notes on. So much talent.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Warm Hugs,

  2. THANKS Marlene!! I'm so glad you enjoy my ramblings - there are many!!! LOL And it's great to hear that you GET me about's my one weakness! Haha!!

    It will be fun to see you around my blog!
    Big Hugs to you, too!! :-D