Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Should Have Posted Last Night.....

......because then I could have bragged about how good I was, how strong I was to walk PAST the paint counter at Lowe's - I was even holding the Benjamin Moore Historic paint brochure - and DID NOT succumb to temptation, DID NOT buy ANY paint samples, because I haven't used any of my other paint samples.....

I would have liked that post.  I would have felt good about myself, for doing what makes sense, for doing the right thing.

Instead, I have to post about today....I have to talk about.....THIS......

After resisting so well yesterday, I thought it was safe to look at the colors this morning, and saw this gorgeous color, and saw the name -- Greenfield is a girl supposed to resist that???  I don't have any pumpkin colors here....I was a goner....I HAD to have it!!  If only Brian didn't have to go back to Lowe's today...... *Sigh!*
Of course, the other one needs no explaining, you can see the discounted price, and it's a great tan color!
I promise, promise, promise to paint something this week!!  Keep checking back, you'll see!!!! :-D

So while we were at Lowe's, I thought I'd take a picture of the plywood section....
There it is, on the left (middle shelf)!  It's almost gone - are a bunch of people around here reading my blog and making plywood floors???  LOL  Oh, how I wish I could have bought one or two sheets today....but really, I have GOT to finish the jobs that I have wood for - baseboard trim and kitchen cupboard!  I don't want to start any more projects until those are done!!  So, I settled for my precious paint samples!! :-D

We also went to the thrift store today!! 

Look at all that junk! LOL   You have to be willing to DIG at my thrift stores!!
I found some pretty good stuff.....
Do you see the small brown basket??  It's the smaller twin of the one I found there in the beginning of June, remember?!!  I was so surprised to see that there!  And I'm going to paint that red basket (pumpkin?? haha!) - it's GREAT!!  I think my favorite thing (if I can even pick one!) is that little wood shelf!  I actually want to make a bigger one, maybe even a round one, like I've seen in my magazines!!  But this little one will be perfect, somewhere!! :-D  Everything here, except the wreath was 80 cents or less, and the wreath was $2 -- can't beat that, right?! 

The wreath is grapevine, with little white lights around it (and all that ugly garland and ribbon).  I planned on taking ALL the stuff off of it, and using dried flowers or something, but when I saw all the lights, I wasn't so sure.....
It's kind of pretty!!  I might want to keep the lights on it....I'm not sure I'm leaving it for now.  It's really heavy, with lots of grapevine wound together!!
These were on it, too, and I think I should keep them, they are actually pretty!!....

So it was quite fun today!!! :-D

At home, I clipped a few hydrangea blooms.....

.....and put them in one of my wonderful stoneware pitchers..... pretty!!
 (of course, I've had to kill four ants on the table, but I think I got them all now! LOL)
I actually can't wait until they dry, because the color is a brownish-pink, and so rich looking! (I think I might have mentioned that already...)

OH!!!  The best thing.....I think the brutal summer heat/humidity has finally broken for the year!!!  Today, it was hot (low 90s), but the dew point was in the mid-60s - normally that would feel bad, but not after weeks of mid-70s!!!  Tonight, it is actually cooler outside than in the house!  YAY!!!!  And when I went up to water the garden at 8pm, it felt wonderful out there!  I don't mind summer temps, I can take low 90s for the summer, but PLEASE....let the air be dry!!  At least most of the time! :-P

It might turn out to be a pretty nice August!! ^-^

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