Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oh NOOOOOO!!!!!!

As the title of my post implies, I'm in real trouble.......I've discovered.....PINTEREST!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I'm addicted!!! :-P
I have been hearing all about it from a couple of my sisters, but I don't spend alot of time on the computer, so I never really got a chance to check it out -- it was kind of a "sure, whatever" kind of thing for me.  But for the past two days, this heat has really been getting to me, so I've been inside (and going crazy!), and kind of started looking at it by accident -- I followed someone's images on their blog right to it......WOW-EEE!!!  I can't believe all the wonderful primitive, colonial, Early American images and pages on there!  I've literally gotten lost on there -- today it was for 2 hours!!  Well, that's easy to do - you click an image, that takes you to someone's page of MORE awesome stuff, and sometimes it has taken me to other websites (where they found the image), that have MORE pictures!  I have 12 tabs open with wonderful pictures or Pinterest pages -- I don't want to X them off because I can't stop staring at them!! LOL

Really, just WOW, the inspiration, the quickening of my've got to see some of these!!!

Look at all those gorgeous pictures!  Can you believe how brilliant people are with interior decorating??  Oh, how I wish I owned half of those wonderful things....*sigh!*

See that table in the last picture....I am going to make one like that!  That's why I'm keeping that page open, so I can use the picture to help me with designing it!! :-D

Well, staring obsessively at all these gorgeous rooms gave me a terrible itch to go to the antique store today, the one nearest our house.  It's not GREAT, but I've found some really neat things there, for not too much money, either!  Today, I bought these.....
I love that basket and that wooden bowl!  You can't see the surface of the bowl very well, but it's really nice, scratchy and used-looking!  I bought the spool because I don't have one like that (I have several others, though! :-D), was $2!!

Also, at Lowe's, I picked up THIS....
Uh, did I say something like I had enough paint samples....???  Hahaha!!  Well, this one doesn't count, because it's for the baseboard trim, which I'm nearly out of, so it doesn't count, right!?  LOL  Hey, at least this is going to replace a huge gallon-sized can!

Sooooo, this heat should be breaking after tomorrow, finally!!  I mean, it's literally like an oven outside, and whenever you open the door, the heat radiates in -- yuck!  That means I'll be able to work on some projects that I need to be outside to do.  Also, Brian's vacation is over tomorrow (*sniff!*), so I'll be by myself during the day again (*sniff! sniff!*), with plenty of (lonely) FREE time to focus on those projects.....I've sure had a sweet and wonderful week with him, even though we didn't really do anything major around here.  More on THAT tomorrow, I'm sure (when I will be quite sad about it! :-( -- I LOVE when he's home!)  ^-^

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