Monday, July 9, 2012

This Is SO Exciting....!!

Oh, I'm having so much fun with this!!!......
Here is my canvas -- it's half painted.  It was actually harder than I was expecting, because the paint soaked into the canvas so fast, I couldn't get a full roll out of the paint!  So it took alot of paint, too.  It was so satisfying to cover all the loose ends with paint (I had glued the edges with wood glue hours earlier).

After I painted it, it took awhile for it to dry, so I got impatient to glue the print on -- by 2 1/2 hours later, I was ready!! LOL  I used my leftover wallpaper paste!  I thought, what harm could that do, it's made for paper, right?  Well, we'll see how it all turns out! :-D  I brushed the paste on and stuck it to the canvas, then I turned it over and weighted down the corners so they would stick really well......

I used my long putty knife to smooth the back of the canvas out to the edges (like I did with wallpapering)....goops of glue were pushed out......
 YIKES!!  I was a little worried about what it would look like turned over!

 NOT BAD!!! :-D
I wiped off the glue all around the edges, then I swirled the little bit that was left all over the top....maybe it will look like oil paint when it's done??  I'll let you know tomorrow! :-)

Here's a close-up of the glue.....

It's in there drying now....I can hardly stay away from it!! Haha!  It was so fun to do - I totally want to make more of these!  I have more plain canvas too, a big sheet from that drop cloth, and I want to make a floor cloth out of it - GREAT IDEA, right?!?

One more rained today! (que a chorus of angels!)  Hooray!!  It's the edge of the cool front that's sweeping across us tonight!  *sigh!*  It's the end of the upper-90s, finally, at least for the week!! :-D  SWEET RELIEF!!!

I'll keep you posted on the canvas project! ^-^

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