Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Paint Obsession....

Well, it all started innocently enough.....Brian needed to go to Lowe's today, to get some kind of thingy to straighten our back porch door (which has warped from rain and sun - it's wood), and I went with him (of course).  On a whim, I grabbed a stack of paint color cards that I had been looking at, trying to match Lowe's paint colors with the expensive - gorgeous - mail order paint chips.  I have been wanting a different red, to go with some of the little projects I've been playing around with recently.

We stopped at Home Depot first, and I thought I'd go to the paint section to get a small roller, which I've been needing the last couple of times that I painted.  I almost made it.  On my way to the paint rollers, right in my way, were a bunch of single paint chips for Behr paint.....I was a goner!!!

As I started grabbing individual colors, I found THE BOOKS.....
I HAD to grab them!!!
Especially that bottom one, it looks small, but it hides a treasure......!
LOOK at THAT....all those glorious colors!!  I feel like I hit the jackpot - I never knew they had a color book like that!  My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw all those colors - WOW!!  Love it! :-D

After wasting all my time looking at paint books and chips (I almost forgot to look at the rollers), on we went to Lowe's.  On the way, looking through my Olde Village paint chips, I saw the red color I really wanted!  I tried to resist, arguing with myself that I didn't need it yet, I had paints I didn't even use yet, blah blah blah.....I brought the paint card with me anyway, just in case.  Of course, once inside, I went immediately over to the paint counter, where, (what are the odds??)  BOTH of my favorite paint people were working!!  If I want a color matched right, either Amy or Daniel would be the person to have mix it!

I got the paint sample!
It's PERFECT!!!!  It's called British Red, and I love it -- I'm trying to think of something to paint it on as soon as I can!! (oh yeah, that's how I do things! LOL)

At home, feeling a little ashamed (but NOT regretful), I thought I'd pull out all my paint's what I found.....
See the two on the bottom with the "Reduced" labels....I picked those up on other trips through the paint section of Lowe's - who can resist $1 paint!? :-D

But WAIT....there's MORE......

Those in the box are the older samples, I've had those for a couple of years, and used them on stencils, boxes, wood -- anything, really!  And, these are only the ones that were all together, I'm sure there are a few more tucked away here or there.....see what I mean, when I say I have a Collection???  Hahaha!

Here are some of my favorite paint cards....
These are the Pittsburgh Paints Historic collection!  These are actually some of my absolute favorite colors!  If you look closely, you can see where I cut quite a few out, so I could get them mixed at Lowe's.  These shades are wonderful - perfect for a Colonial/Primitive look!

These are from Olde Century Colors - more wonderful paint colors!!  These have to be mixed at Lowe's, or else I'd have to order them through the mail, which is way too expensive!  Amy or Daniel can mix it up perfectly for me! :-D

*SIGH!*  Aren't all those colors so inspiring?  I wish I could find enough things to paint, so I could use every one of those colors!!! ^-^

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