Thursday, July 19, 2012


I have been feeling a little yucky for the past couple of days....just like, unhappy with myself....
I look around here at all my unfinished projects and my covers everything!  It's SO annoying!!  And frustrating -- I'm at the point of having to push my piles of stuff out of my way so I can use the counters or island or table....and that's just in the kitchen! :-P  I'm feeling pretty miserable about ME....WHY do I do things like that???  I should be putting things away, finishing projects I start, cleaning up when I see dirt (or dust, or papers, or laundry....!)
PLUS -- I wonder about why I buy things I love, or make takes me forever to use them!  When I cleaned up around the library room today, I found a box with baskets and a wooden bowl and an old glass jar and some pewter in it, from a year ago!!  WHAT is my problem?? :-P
It's like I am hoarding these things - I have to have them, I spend hours looking online and at magazines for favorite pieces, and when I can finally get them I set them aside and start looking for something else....that's WRONG!

And then there's THIS.....
Why do I do this???  What is the point of working so hard to make a space look special, look right, if I'm only using it as a storage room??  (and I really need to change that curtain to something darker...)

Ugh!!  So I'm really driving myself crazy for the past few days!  I've got to do something about I started by making a list for myself (I always need to make a list - it helps focus my mind!).....
Looks like a good list, right?  Let's just see how many of those things get checked off by next week...!!  Of course, I'll have to get out of the kitchen to be able to do that!

Oh, that's right!  I've also spent the past three days entirely in the kitchen, cooking tomatoes!!  Here's what I've made so far.....
Those are salsas and stewed tomatoes!  I have about 16lbs. of tomatoes mashed and cooked, in a large soup pot in the fridge, too - I had to put them in there overnight, because I thought I had celery (which I need for the recipe), but I was wrong!! LOL  I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for - either tomato juice or tomato soup (a favorite of ours)....well, either of them will need celery, so I can decide tomorrow! :-D
I LOVE canning.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment - I mean, look at that food!  It's so cool!!

But, it's also alot of work!  That doesn't leave any time for doing anything else (except making breakfast, lunch, and dinner! LOL)  And tonight, after making my list, I was feeling (besides yucky about myself) like tackling one of the "projects" on there, so here it is.....
I glued the print to the canvas!!!  Oh, I just love this picture - it's so beautiful in real life, I wish you could see it - the colors are so deep and dark....I won't need to "age" it at all!  All I need to do now is paint the edges and wipe glue over the top, and HANG IT UP!!!  Of course, I still haven't hung up the last one....see why I'm so sick of myself?? :-{
Nevermind, I'm getting off-track....see how good it looks?!  Now I can cross something off my list! :-D  

Well, anyway, do you realize what day it is??  It's the start of another weekend!!! :-D  Yippeee!! LOL
Oh, I DO love the weekend!  I still have canning to do, but maybe I can get Brian to help me with some of the projects on my list, then I can cross more things off!! ^-^

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