Monday, July 30, 2012

Not My Normal Monday...!!

If you read my post last night, you may have noticed that I didn't whine about it being the "end" of the weekend, when Brian goes back to work.  Well, that was because he had today off!!!  His work gives everyone the day off's their BIRTHDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!! :-D  Happy Birthday, Honey!!!!!  XOXO

So, today was FUN!!  I love when he's home! :-D  We don't go overboard about birthdays around here -- I think they are VERY exciting, but I translate that excitement into giving the birthday-person what they want for the day (as much as I can!).  So today, Brian got to pick what we did (we went to Home Depot and another thrift store), and I made him his favorite meal, and the boys did ALL the yard work that needed to be done (just mowing around the garden), and I made him his choice of cake (more on that later)!!

At this thrift store, we felt like we hit the jackpot!!  There was an expensive paint sprayer there for $20!!!  They are normally $120!  He grabbed that!! (he's always wanted one! LOL)
And LOOK at what I found.....
Can you believe these books were donated??  There were two others, but they were more about contemporary hooked rugs; plus, these two cost $5 and that was the most I wanted to spend.
These two were the best of the four, just look at these pictures.....

Now I think I have to try rug hooking!! LOL  I have always wanted to try it anyway, now I have the books to inspire me!! :-D

The other VERY exciting thing was when we stopped at the grocery store, they had cherries - yummy, delicious cherries - on sale for 99cents a pound!!!  Can you believe that?  Normally, the lowest price I can find is $1.99!  So I grabbed two bags, and then I got an idea that I would make JUICE from them and can it!  Won't that be fun?!!  I've done it before with grapes and cranberries.....
See the jars on the shelf next to the pickles?  Those are (in order)....purple grape juice, cranberry juice, and white grape juice!  They taste pretty good, too, a little milder than store-bought juice, but still delicious.  I would LOVE to try grape-cherry juice, or cranberry-cherry!!
Here's what I've got to work with.....
The bag of cranberries is mine, from the freezer, and I bought the purple grapes at the store with the cherries.  Hmmm....decisions, decisions!!  I have a few days to figure it out....I've got to get back to TOMATOES tomorrow -- I have TONS again!! LOL

So.....THE CAKE.
Brian's favorite is Strawberry Cake, and actually, it's everyone's favorite!! :-D
I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of making the cake....I always forget to take pictures of things that I want to put on here! :-P

First, this is what you need.....
....along with normal cake ingredients like oil, eggs, and powdered sugar (for the glaze/frosting).
Mix the white cake with the jello, and add 2 tablespoons of flour.

Drain the strawberries.....
.....then measure the juice and add enough water to it to make 1cup, and pour that into the cake mix.
Then add in 1cup of oil and 3 eggs, and mix it all up.

Pour it into a greased 9x13 dish.....
.....and bake it at 325 for 40-45 minutes.

When it's done, and cooled.....
....make the glaze!

Chop up the strawberries that you drained.....

.....add in 1/4 cup of melted butter.....

....and we like a runny glaze, so I only put in 3cups of powdered sugar....

.....if you like more of a frosting, just add another cup or two of powdered sugar.  This is what the glaze looks like while my dearest daughter helps me with the mixing! :-D

When it's all mixed, pour it over the cooled cake.....


I think the reason this tastes SO good is because of the jello and the's not strawberry flavoring, it's real strawberries!  Like I said, it's a favorite!! :-D

So, it sure looks like this has morphed into a cooking blog, doesn't it?!! Haha!  It won't stay that way, that's for sure -- right now my days have to be filled with cooking and canning, but next will be the house again, and then crocheting projects and other crafts that grab me!  I still have to make my cupboard and paint those baskets and drawer chest (that I glued).  A few years ago, I was making DOLLS, soft cloth dolls for my daughter and nieces (and their friends), and sewing all the clothes!! LOL  
See why I think I have ADD??? :-D

Anyway, I had such a happy day, with my husband home and making the cake with my daughter, and the boys playing board games in their room with their friend from across the street -- great, happy times!!

But....I have ALOT of cooking to do tomorrow.....maybe I'd better talk about something else tomorrow night...?? ^-^


  1. Happy Birthday Brian. I just started rug hooking this year and I have become an enthusiast. It is a relaxing craft. Take a look at the youtube videos by Deanne Fitzpatrick.

  2. Lora - THANKS for your comment!! You are very sweet to wish him a happy birthday, he loved it! :-D Rug hooking has always interested me, and I definitely want to try it sometime (maybe when my painting is done...? LOL) -- I AM going to check out those videos, thanks for that info! I am someone who has to SEE something to understand it (instead of reading instructions), so videos would be perfect!

  3. Lisa ~ Tell DH Happy Belated Birthday...did ya save me a piece of cake. ;D Look Delicous. What wonderful buys you manage to snag. I've always wanted to Hook a rug myself. I've purchased wool(much in the form of clothing) from the thrifties, GWs, and SVA. I even have a cutter too. Lisa, I've not done one thing to advance in making a rug...nor even a little mat. Maybe one day I'll be inspired again. Good Luck and have fun with the wonderful books.

  4. Marlene, you sound exactly like ME!! LOL I get everything together to make some craft or build something, and once I do, I lose interest! It drives me CRAZY about myself!! Well, at least I'm in good company, right?! ;-D
    And Brian said "thanks" for the birthday wishes!