Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Cabinet Is Almost Finished!!

Well, we only got the cabinet half-made.....I need another piece of wood, can you believe it??! :-P 
I already bought two more this weekend, but I guess I measured wrong....I'm not too disappointed, because it's still really exciting to see it standing there in the kitchen! :-D

The boards were 6 feet long, but I wanted it to be no higher than 5 feet, so that's what Brian cut them to, and then we had enough to make the main BOX.....

There it is, right in the spot where I want it to go in the kitchen!  See how the darker stained wood is on the inside....I definitely like the side that I stained with paint better for the outside of it.  Now all it needs is shelves and the door!  That will get done next weekend!!  YAY!!! :-D

SO.....last night, the cold front that we've been waiting two weeks for finally came through, and it's been a gorgeous day!  I've had the windows opened all day (and they are opened now, too), and I just love the smell and the sound of the's bringing back memories of Fall, which I just LOVE!!  *Sigh!*
Oh!  And the Apple Festival is next weekend - I can't wait!!!  I loved it last year, and I'm saving my pennies to be able to buy a bunch of apples this year, and the Asian pears!  They also have wonderful craft booths, like wooden items and pottery, which are all handmade by local small business people - I want to be able to buy one or two things from them, too....oh, it's going to be SO much fun!! :-D

I think Fall has finally beaten Summer back, after so much heat and humidity....what a relief!  I hope everyone is enjoying this delicious fresh air like we are!! ^-^


  1. How exciting! It's going to be gorgeous! Although it takes a LOT of patience,(not to mention lots of cash!) I'd love to be able to redecorate and watch everything come together!
    And happy birthday wishes to your daughter! My oldest girl turns 14 next April.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting - lovely to hear from you!

    1. Thanks for your comment, too, Christine! And thanks for the sweet birthday wishes for my daughter....she told me I'm crazy for being excited enough about her birthday to mention it on my blog (LOL), but I told her that's what Mom's do! :-D

  2. Well Lisa, it's almost done, huh? :D Love the look of it already...the work you guys do is amazing, if only...oh well, you know the story. ;) I've been eating Apples like crazy lately and the Asian Pears are one of my FAV...CRISPY. ;-') Have fun at the festival. :)

    1. I wish you could see the wood in person, Marlene, I know you'd appreciate that grayish-brown tint it has! :-D
      I REALLY hope they are selling those Asian pears this year, they are the main reason I want to go to the Festival again!!

  3. Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting me.I'd love to have you in the ornie swap.Shot me a email I couldn't find yours.Going to read some of your older post and get to know Blessings!~Amy

  4. I love your cabinet... the staining is beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished. I too love all of the autumn festivals that are coming up. The AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City is this weekend, and Vala's Pumpkin Patch in nearby Gretna starts September 21st. I am also saving my festival pennies for treats!

    1. Thank you Grace! I'm so excited that we even started the cabinet!!
      I hope you get to enjoy your festivals, too, you have a bunch of GREAT ones, it sounds like....I'd love to find a pumpkin festival here! :-D