Sunday, October 7, 2012

NOW The Weather Is Cooling Off!!!

Well, yesterday was about 82 degrees, but today struggled to get to 60 degrees!  IT'S WONDERFUL!!! :-D  Tomorrow, I will get the window candles out -- it will be so cozy!!

Today I made something brand new -- Sweet Potato Pork Stew....except I used butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes!  It was pretty easy, and delicious - everyone loved it!......
It only had a few ingredients -- pork loin cut up, tossed with dijon mustard, molasses and flour - chicken broth, onions and garlic, butternut squash cut into cubes, and parsley!  Perfect for a cool fall day!!
Of course, I had to make my favorite Cheddar biscuits to go with it.....
I snapped this picture before they ate them all! LOL  SO delicious!!

I remembered to buy the puffy paint, too, and I got white and glitter gold -- I tried the gold on one bell cookie, I'm not sure what I think.....
Any thoughts....?  Hmmm, I like it, but does it look cookie-ish?  I'm not I need to try the white!

So, it's Sunday night again, the beginning of another week.....I guess I should make a list, right? :-D
Let's see, what will I do this week....

1. make pear bread
2. make caramel pear jam
3. VACUUM (this one's important!)
4. bake an apple danish (a first time for me)
5. finish the little wood house (!!!)
6. finish the mustard cabinet (!!!)

That's a good start! :-D

And before I go to bed, I wanted to give you an update about the mini-puppy -- I guess we will probably be keeping her, I did try some more ads on Craigslist last week, and got a few emails, but NO ONE responded back when I emailed them....why even contact me in the first place then??? :-P  It's very annoying!  But I suppose it's for the best, because I only would want her to go to people who are really committed owners, and those people obviously weren't!  Plus, she's very used to us and being here, and being with our dogs and everything....could I really take her away from us?  She's very quiet and sweet -- she has a little wild streak, but she's a puppy, so that's healthy.  I'm sure she will be calm and laid back when she outgrows that!
I've decided to name her Minnie, because I'm always referring to her as "the mini-puppy", so it's an easy stretch!! :-D  She sleeps ALL night long, right on the couch.....
Such a darling little girl, isn't she??? ^-^


  1. Glad Minnie has a name.So knew this would!~Amy

  2. Oh...I love the name fitting too. What an adorable girl she is. I'm thrilled you are keeping her, and know she LOVES YOU for doing so too. Congrats, on the official new addition to the family. :)

    The soup and biscuts look soooo Good. I'm sure it was perfect too, for this time of year. One of the many reasons I love Fall...the foods.

    I really like the bell did a wonderful job on it.

    Hope you have a wonderful week...Hugs. :)