Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days....I actually have an annoying cold! :-P  The nice thing about living in the south after spending most of my life up north is that I rarely get sick anymore.  Every fall thru spring up in New England, I (and my kids!) would get sick 2-4 times, mostly with a typical cold - you know, sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, coughing - and it would last from 7-10 days....BLAH!!  But since moving down here, we sometimes don't get any colds all year!  As a matter of fact, I think this is my first cold in two years!!  It's great.....except now I've had a sore throat and headache for the past three nights (and days), and....I hate it!!!  I guess I've become a ginormous baby, because I feel miserable! :-P
So I have a post started, but I just couldn't continue it because the post screen is so white it's hurting my's been sitting in here half-done for two nights!  Well, I'm determined to finish it tonight!!

I've been thinking about's the source of my creativity! :-D  I can be going along, not interested in a particular thing, like crocheting, and then I'll see a picture of something, or a skein of yarn, or one of my WIPs (Works In Progress) and then WHAM!! -- I've simply GOT to crochet it!  Or especially with the house -- I can have a space that I have no idea what I want there, and I can go along not thinking about it, not caring about it, even working on something else....then I'll find a picture in a magazine (or lately on Pinterest), and then I have to stop EVERYTHING and turn all my energy on that!! LOL

Lots of different things can inspire me, too!  It can be a color, it can be an old antique piece of furniture, it can be a whole room!  We've all seen the posts I've written about my paint samples! LOL  And sometimes finding a piece of wood in a woodpile can do it, and then a fever takes over and I simply have to make something with that wood!  I'm sure that happens to most people, only not everyone is inspired by the same things.  See, there is an artist inside each of us!! :-D

I want to share some of the pictures I've saved (online and in my magazines) that have really inspired me lately!
This room has really affected me....I saw it about two weeks ago on pinterest, and I haven't been able to close the tab! LOL  The first thing I love is the color of the room -- is it a pumpkin?  A dark tan?  A brown sugar?  After seeing this room, I've been consumed with a desire to repaint my library's been a green that I got from the Seraph, but it almost doesn't seem right in there, and after seeing this color, I can't stop thinking about repainting in there!  But I also LOVE the chest and the dark cabinet hanging above it!!  And look at the floor cloth, or is it a painted floor?  I LOVE those stencils on it, whatever it is!!!  *Sigh!*

Look at this gorgeous cabinet!  I LOVE the bowls, one on each shelf, and the garlands on top, and the lantern....where can I get a lantern like that???  Oh, and the wood bucket and so-old mortar and pestles on top - I LOVE those!!!

This room makes me want to almost cry when I look at it, it's so heart-stopping to me! (crazy, right?! LOL)  But look at it....the trim color is perfect, and all the old pantry boxes, buckets and barrels, and that old wooden churn!  Oh and that candle holder in the top-left of the picture.....look at THAT.....*SIGH!!*  I have to have that!  Maybe I could make one....?  Of course, where would I put it?  I don't have a gorgeous corner like this anywhere!  Oh So Gorgeous!!!!

Now here is something I can have! :-D  I LOVE what this person put inside these glass jars!  First, note to self: make dried clove oranges!  Second, I would never think of putting metal cookie cutters in a jar to display - brilliant idea, it looks great!!

I know that I just built an "old farm box" for my table, and a cabinet, but I simply must have this apple box!!!  I love the hinge top!  and the curved sides!  And the open bottom-closed top!!  I've already drawn up the plans to make it, now I just have to put a spell on Brian so that he will buy the wood and not realize it!  WHERE is that spell book.....? (hee hee hee!)

I just LOVE love love these candlesticks!  I was thinking of trying to carve them out of wood, but what about sculpy???  Isn't that a great idea?  Any clay/dough recipe would probably work, I could try to make these with a salt dough recipe I just found online!!  How great are they, right?!!  I love how primitive they are -- perfect!!!

These last two things are so easy and lovely!  All the first one needs is twine and candy canes, and a glue gun - I can't wait to try it!  Candy canes are on my grocery list for the week!! :-D  And this little mitten - I have mustard wool felt, and little rusty bells....I could do this this week!  Ooooh, I just might!! :-D

So these are some of the things that have inspired me the past two weeks or so!  If I get anything I want to make finished, you can bet I'll post pictures....although I do have ADD tendencies, so I might post something completely different!! LOL  And actually, I really need to get some vacuuming and laundry done this week....BLAH!! :-P  That's not inspiring ONE BIT! ^-^


  1. much wonderful inspiration.The candle holders look to be just old wood sewing bobbins with a rusty wire and muslin wrapped.Probly be easier to find them and cut some down then to sculpt.Hope you feel better soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Sooooo many lovely pics and too much to yearn after!
    But then you show us the mitten and the candy canes and I think, 'well at least here are some things I CAN pull together!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Lisa ~ Nice post. My 2 Favs here are the glass jars and the box. I've been collecting these (the ones with the dome tin lid) Apothecary/Counter Jars lately. Just picked up 3 more on our way to visit family. Had to have they were TOO cheap to pass up. One of the others I already had has cookie cutters in it and I have one with tin candy molds inside. I am thinking about making some dried cloved oranges, for mine also (will use them in a jar after I've displayed them out first, have to enjoy the smell while they dry out, right?) :) But, for now, I have a Dried Cloved Pear I'd made in one. Looks great too. I also purchased some homespund balls and have them inside one.

    The box is very nice...Great style and I love the worn look of it. You know I'm studying that finish too. ;)

    Have fun with all that you've been inspired by. Get well soon...I get nothing done when I'm under the weather.