Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh, WHAT a Weekend!!! :-D

Well, first....anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a bad case of ADD -- I get excited about projects, crafts, ideas, colors ALL the time, I make big plans, and then I move to something else completely different!! :-D

Here's a small list of things I've wanted to work on in the past few weeks.....
antique-glazing my walls
painting a cabinet that's next to our couch
painting my kitchen island
making a penny rug
making a gingerbread garland
making twine candy canes
wallpaper boxes

And some other things I've thought of, but haven't mentioned here....
drying orange and lemon slices
making apple jam
painting plates to look like redware
making grungy candles
stenciling canvas to make a table runner
Oh, so many more!!

So this weekend started normally -- we went to the thrift store and I got some pretty cool treasures.....
This small basket is so wonderful!!  I am going to paint it, maybe a bittersweet color! :-D

Here are two larger heavy plates I grabbed, so I can paint them to look like redware, like Christine at Preferably Prim did!!  I LOVE it, Christine! ;-)  Check out what she did..... .....I think it's AMAZING, and I can't wait to try it!
We also got a few stuffies for our furry babies (so little Minnie will stop trying to tear up my socks and pillows and cloths and....).....
Actually, Puppy is the one who really likes to tear things apart, Minnie likes to carry things around in her mouth! LOL  It looks so cute to see her walking around with things in her mouth, like she has a binky!!
I also grabbed two heavy pots, one small and one bigger, for melting wax -- they were $1 and $2.

AND, I found out that on Tuesday (coming up), the thrift store is have an "Everything 50% Off" sale!!  My plan is to go there and buy a bunch of wool jackets and take them apart and felt the wool!  Isn't that a great idea? :-D  We'll might be VERY crowded and not worth being there, but I should be able to at least get a few things....I'm really looking forward to it!

Anyway, I was contemplating which projects I could work on, what was exciting to me, and a golden opportunity presented itself to us......we had an the ability (with help from a coupon and a some luck)
to get the main supplies for our KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Can you believe that....?  We got the tile and backing board.........
THERE IT IS!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!  It's IN my house right there, that means we have it, it's all mine, and no one can make me bring it back! LOL  We won't be able to put it down until Brian's vacation at Christmas, but it will get done then.....I can't even believe it, it's so exciting!! :-D  There won't be any more "hideous white floor" pictures!  OH!  And....that means that the kitchen can finally, finally get finished -- the doors can be trimmed out and the baseboard trim can be put on!  That is almost more exciting than the actual floor, since I've been waiting so long with it all unfinished!! :-D
Here is a close-up of the tiles (well, one of them!).....
If you remember my post from LOOOOONG ago, I took a picture of this tile at Home Depot -- we got the 16x16 inch tiles, and they don't look as red as they do in this picture.  There's brown and cream in them, too!  It took me two years to finally decide on a tile (there were SO many to choose from, that I loved!), and I'm very happy with this one!  And tomorrow, I'm going to open one of the boxes and lay all the tiles out over a spot on the floor so I can get a preview....oh that will be SO FUN!!!! :-D

So naturally, I haven't really been able to concentrate on anything else since we got the tile on Saturday! LOL  Every time I start thinking about working on something, my mind wanders to my tiles and I have to go look at them again.....then I make plans on the best way to start the floor, and what else we need, etc -- I already have TWO lists started about it! Hahaha!!
This should help you understand why I'm so thrilled.....

And let me tell you, there is a little dirt on this floor here (mostly little bits of grass that Minnie brings in), but most of the spots you see and discolorations are stains on the vinyl - they never come out! :-P  WHO puts a white plastic floor down in a house???  Just wait until you see what a huge difference that floor will make....I am SO's finally going to be DONE, just like I've dreamed!
(I'm trying not to feel embarrassed and exposed about showing the unattractive, unfinished parts of my kitchen....)

You can see how excited Minnie is about the whole thing, too.....
She's so cute!!  She carried a monkey stuffy that is one of her favorite "binky" toys!  You see she's claimed this spot on the couch whenever she wants to lay down -- she loves this blanket!!

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the tiles laid all out - what fun, what fun!! - and anything else that I forgot about doing in all this excitement!  I think I'm supposed to cook something or paint something....hmmm, I'll have to try and remember.....! LOL ^-^


  1. Hi Lisa, I'm so excited for you!
    New flooring!!!
    I can't wait to see the preview and good luck with all of your projects!


  2. LOL!!! Your list sounds exactly like mine and then some!!! Love the basket and the new flooring will be awesome!
    Thanks for the mention and I look forward to seeing your 'redware'!!
    Also thank you so much for the encouraging comment you left me last week! I really really appreciate it - it's been so much fun getting to know you better!
    Best wishes