Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today Was My BIRTHDAY!!!! :-D

I LOVE my birthday!! :-D  We didn't do anything major, but I still always feel so happy on my birthday! LOL 
Today I turned 43!  I really love the wisdom that comes with being older -- I feel so much less frantic than I did when I was younger, I also have a better understanding of things from this middle-age perspective, and I am much more positive and happy than I was in my's GREAT!! :-D

And another stroke of birthday luck -- Brian had the day off today!  Yipee!!  He wasn't needed for the inventory that they've been doing at his was totally random, and it happened on MY special day!  That made it even better.....we got to go to Lowe's and get the wood for my cabinet, he cut it for me, and I sanded and stained it!  My cabinet will be done tomorrow -- that's THE BEST present, right!?

Tomorrow, I'm going to make myself a special cake!  I know that sounds a little strange, but hear me out -- I'm the only one who can make a good cake!!  And I actually enjoy baking!  We DID go out to eat today at my favorite Mexican restaurant - YUM YUM!! - and it was so fun -- I love when someone else cooks me food! Hahaha!!  And it will be great for me to show the cake on here, it's a white cake with coconut frosting, and SOOOOO will all thank me for showing it to you!!! :-D

So I had a wonderful birthday day!  I am so grateful for my happy life and my little home in the woods, and this beautiful Autumn weather, and coconut frosted cakes!! ^-^


  1. Lisa, just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I'm so glad it was wonderful!

    My best,

    Glad you had a great time and enjoy that cake!
    Best wishes

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was filled with blessings.~Amy

  4. Thanks so much, you guys!! I did have a great day, it's so fun to have your own personal day, all to yourself, isn't it?! And I'm so excited to see what this next year brings! :-D

    How sweet of you all to take the time to say Happy Birthday to me....I just LOVE my online friends! ;-)

  5. Oh I missed your birthday! Happy, happy birthday "week". I'm glad your day was special.

  6. Lisa ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so sorry that I'd missed this. I don't know how, should have seen it over at the forum; how did I overlooked that? Nice to hear it was a wonderful one for you, and wishing you many more. :)