Monday, October 22, 2012


Ugh!  I feel like C-R-A-P!!! :-P 
NOW, I'm coughing, not a productive, clean-out cough -- a dry, ripping, painful cough....eek, I hate it! :-P

It's frustrating because I'm not used to feeling like I don't want to get mind has lots of things I want to do, but I can't seem to find the energy to DO them.  Like I said, UGH!!!
Shouldn't this island be painted by now???  I can't even get the stuff off of it!! :-P  Note the cough syrup and Advil bottle front and needs to be right where I can get to it quick!  UGH!!
So this is where my wonderful, special wood box is residing -- pushed aside next to piles of more stuff that I should have put can I when I barely want to lift my arms???  This is definitely where I wanted this box to end up - NOT! :-P  UGH!!
Wasn't I supposed to have picked out the penny rug colors that I wanted to use by now, so I could put this big pile of wool back?!?  *Sigh!*  Remember when this room was so pretty just before my sister's visit, no stuff in sight?  UGH!!
WHY does there always seem to be laundry to do, even though I do it every-other-day?  These piles have been here since Saturday....blah blah blah!!! :-P  UGH!!

Remember my last post about inspiration?  Well, for me CLUTTER is the wet-blanket on the fire of my inspiration -- and it's all around me now! :-P  I guess it's going to have to stay there for another day or two, because I'm still just sitting here.....

There are SOME good things about my view from the couch today -- look at what a difference a few days makes.....

See how quickly the colors have changed!?  They look so much prettier in real life!  These are all from my front door (the last one is zoomed in!)....the top picture is directly in front when you open the door, and it's where I want to put a stone wall across!  That's the one thing I really miss from New England, the stone walls everywhere....I MUST have one!! :-D  I'm really going to try to buy stone when we get our tax return money this spring -- I should be able to get two big piles of fieldstone for around $400....that's pretty good, less than a computer!! :-D  Hey, I don't want i-pads or i-phones or touch screen phone things or those internet book I can spend that kind of money on stones, right?!! LOL

Do you see little Minnie in the middle picture?  That's the woods to the left as I stand on the front step!  It's so cute how she had to run over to where I was pointing the camera -- it's like she's trying to smell what's so special over there!! :-D

My camera couldn't capture how wonderful the golds/oranges are and how bright the reds are....and I love how it looks when there are leaves on the ground, like they are around Minnie in the middle picture -- SO pretty!!

I did make some things this weekend that I wanted to share, but my head hurts too much right now to keep posting....I'll have to do a special post tomorrow just with the recipes!! :-D
Let me give you a preview.....I made Banana bread with a streusel topping, Spiced Caramel Pear Jam, and a dinner called Meatball Sub Casserole that MY KIDS told me I needed to put on the blog because it was so delicious! LOL  And if I can rouse myself a bit more tomorrow, I want to make something appley....maybe Apple Pie in a Jar (that's the real name of it!), or apple danish (ooohhh, right?!), my favorite is Swedish Apple Pie - yum yum yum!!!

So hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!  I really can't spend one more day doing NO fun things....! ^-^


  1. Lisa ~ Hope you get to feeling better soon. Shopping often makes me feel better. ;DDDD Sometimes, I even feel even better yet when I don't buy anything, and just browse around. Don't socialize as much in the shops, but I feel good just being out and about I guess. DO Take Care of yourself.

  2. Haha!! Marlene, you are SO right! Shopping/browsing seems to be a good cure for lots of my "ills"!! Actually, while feeling bad these past few days, browsing through my APPs and Pinterest have kept me from being depressed as well as sick! The Christmas issue is almost here...!!!!! I'm counting the days!

    I'm finally MUCH better today, back to feeling like my normal self (albeit blowing my nose alot!), so I'm ready to tackle some things around here again! Thanks for the well-wishes - I ALWAYS love to get your comments! ;-)