Sunday, April 15, 2012

Final Trim!!

Brian got the wall trim on for me today -- it looks great!!

Can you see the difference?  It looks alot smaller now that the pictures are on the blog...I should have thought of that!!  Wait....
....that's a little closer, although without the flash, the color is terrible, but at least you can see the shape of the trim.  Keep in mind I will be painting the wood two more coats of paint, so the color will be deeper, like the trim (that has three coats).  Now all that's left is to do the ceiling trim...Oh!  And the hallway!! LOL  Actually, I really think I can do that myself....and I will!!  Hahaha!

Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment in the morning in Charlotte, so Brian will be home tomorrow too!  I don't know how much work he'll want to do, since it's his last day off, but I can maybe get some floor wood, or try to match paint to the wallpaper (for the ceiling trim).  Yeah - my first attempt didn't work.  Just what I need, more goldish-tan paint samples (I have about 8 of them)!

While being excited about finishing this room, I also have a weird feeling that I can't figure out.  It's kind of a bad feeling....disappointment?....dread?'s negative, whatever it is, and I've been trying to understand where it's coming from for the past two weeks.  Maybe, because I've spent so much time planning how I'm going to finish the house, I'm actually sorry to stop?  Maybe it doesn't feel as fun to LIVE with my ideas as it is to MAKE them?  It could also be that soon the only thing left to do in here will be cleaning! LOL  Really!
Whatever it is, it's strange!  It's not overwhelming, I'm definitely MOST excited about completing my years-long plans, so I'm not going to give this too much attention.  I just find it a bit interesting, and ironic!

I think I'll have the front door painted tomorrow!!

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