Thursday, April 5, 2012


I finished the wallpaper today!  It looks wonderful, too!!  And after posting a question on A Primitive Place, the brilliant ladies there gave me the idea of painting the trim a similar color to the wallpaper, and then painting the ceiling a similar shade to that, which would soften the slant line in the hallway that bothers me so much -- I think it will look great, and I'm going to do it around the room!  Of course, I'm not ready to paint the ceilings....yikes!  I'm only almost done with scraping them!! Now to find the right color to match the wallpaper....(paint colors are my nemesis)

I've painted my trim pieces for the wood....
....can you see the little shape of them?  It's perfect for the top of the wall-wood!
In the back of the picture you can see my lettuce and cauliflower and broccoli - I just planted it today.  Our two week heat wave (80's) finally broke today, and I can feel cool air coming in the window!  I hated running my AC a week after having the heat on!!  Now it's back to seasonal temps - 60's and 70's --YAY!!

I should be getting A Primitive Place magazines in the mail soon...I can't wait!

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