Sunday, April 1, 2012


 I've finished everything!!!!

APRIL FOOLS!!!!  Haha!!

Well, I am still not finished with this wallpaper....over the whole weekend, I only wallpapered 1 1/2 more walls!  I kept having problems!!  I measured wrong, and then when I went around an outside corner, the edge went off-level.  So I had to paper over it all up to the edge - now there's a seam right at that corner, which I can see... :-P   Not how I want it to look!  At least I made it to the hall, I guess.  I will be papering above doors now - MUCH easier (hopefully).

Here is what I got done....

Better??  The wallpaper stops where the wood will be, so pay NO attention to the hideous lower wall!  The pathetic red wainscoting (it's 30 inches high, what's the point?) was here when we moved in, only I painted it the red, and then I realized the color was the wrong shade.  Of course, this was 5 years ago!

The shiny thing on the wall (bottom pic) is our thermostat -- definitely needs a wood "box" cover, I think!!
And now my new dilemma is the hallway....
....see at the end, how it slants up?  I think I might want to put trim there and make it level instead.  So the trim would look like a long (weird?) triangle, but the wallpaper would be straight.  And then I'd put a trim piece on the taller wall (on right) big enough to make the wallpaper level with the other wall.  Is that even a good idea??  I have always hated the slant, but will I even be making it look better by doing this?

I'm not sure what is the best idea, and I've regretted many of my other ideas, so I'm hesitating!  Time to get some advice??

OH!!  I've found The Best website....A Primitive Place forums!!  It's AMAZING!!!  There are tons of people (women) on there with the most awesome taste and talent for decorating and style and colors!  I'm thrilled to have such a great resource for help with my "dilemmas"!  And to see what everyone does in their homes, it's so inspiring!!
I guess I could ask them about the hallway (if I could bear for them to see it...)!  Right?!!

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