Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Did This....!!

I DID it -- I put up the wood myself, that I cut myself!!  Of course, you have to realize what this means....I cut the wood to the right size with a circular saw, then after painting it, I put it up using the nail gun!! 
Here's the saw, I love how it has a battery, making it easier for me to hold.  It's also smaller than a typical saw, so it wasn't too heavy for me at all!  It was VERY loud, though, and spit lots of wood.  I had to wear goggles to cut, and before I was halfway through the board, my ears were actually hurting from the noise.  Brian showed me where the ear plugs are to use if I ever use the saw again.  He doesn't use them himself (and now I know why he's practically deaf!).

Here's the nail gun I used!  I used the air that was in the tank already, because I hate when the compressor runs, it's WAY TOO loud!!

Unfortunately, the top board had a bow in it, right at a point where there was no wood in the wall to shoot it to (believe me, I looked), so I had to glue it to the wall, like SO.....
 See all the dots on the top board?  That's from me trying to find the wood in the wall that I thought was there!! LOL  Get the wood putty!!
Here's the "Before" picture.....

OH, this is so fun!!!!  I just love the dark red color!  At the rate this is getting finished, it should be completed, REALLY completed, by Christmas!!  I can't imagine actually having a space to do real decorating, and take pictures that have beautiful finished backgrounds!

This is all I'm doing for today.  I have dishes that need to be washed now, and supper to start (blah blah) - boring!!  At least the weekend is almost here.  I'm going to get wood for the ceiling and I think I managed to match a paint color to the wallpaper, so I'll get that too.  Eventually I will have to take a break and plant in the garden.... ^-^

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