Friday, April 13, 2012


Brian did a bunch of trim in the family room today!!  It's not painted yet, because we just bought it today too, but it looks so great....I've been waiting YEARS for this!

I also finished priming the front door today (with a second coat).....

I wanted the primer to fully dry before painting the new color, so I'm waiting until tomorrow to paint it --- I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Did I emphasize that enough???  (haha!)  Just looking at the color smear on top of the can makes me joyful, it's such a wonderful color!  Wait until I post the pictures, you'll see what I mean!

While at Lowe's getting the wood today, a little old man came up to Brian and asked if we would buy his Lowe's gift card ($100) so he could have the cash, because he needed it. :-(   Even though we didn't plan at all to spend that much at Lowe's today, we just had to do it.  This poor, sad little man.  He said he was ashamed of having to ask someone to do this, but Brian said not to be, there was nothing wrong with needing to trade that out, and we know (like so many others) what it's like to struggle like that!!  Everytime I think of him, I say a small prayer for him, that he's warm and full, and loved.  I hope anyone else reading this will say a little prayer for him too.

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