Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Front Door!

I am finally posting the front door pictures....this is actually late Thursday night to me, because it's almost 2am, so I haven't gone to bed yet!  I wanted to get these pictures up, because the door has been done since Sunday!!

Here is BEFORE....

I still love that color, so I might go back to it if I get tired of looking at the darker color!  This is a Christmas door decoration, and I am really proud of myself for it.  It's just some cedar branches and red berry stems (fake) tied together!  I'm usually terrible at this kind of stuff, but I love how it came out.

Now get ready.....TA DAAAAAA......!!
I still have to fix that window pane, but isn't the color wonderful??!  It looks so pretty when walking toward the house!  It just makes me happy!!

Now I have to change THIS door color too.....
Right?!  Hahaha!!  Actually, I really do!

Sweet dreams!!

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