Monday, April 16, 2012

A Sigh of Relief!

For YEARS now, I have sat on my couch and looked over to the wall that has the mural on one side, and closet on the other.  The mural side is so beautiful, but distractingly, the closet-door side had unfinished plaster, too-small trim, a small piece of old (log cabin!) wallpaper, and old paint and stenciling on it....yeah, I know.  It was so upsetting to look at, and then I'd get lost in thought, imagining what needed to be put there, and how I'd trim it and paint it, and how WELL it would compliment the mural side.....

TA-DAAAA!!!!!!  I know it isn't painted all the way to the top (YET!), but you can see why it makes me so happy to look over here now!  I LOVE THE FINISHED EDGE!!  And just WAIT until the rest of the trim and door are painted, it won't look like the same spot!
 I painted this today (three coats, even the very edge - tricky!), I painted two more coats of blue (ish-green) on the front door - it's DONE now, except for the new glass, but I'll post pictures of it tomorrow - and Brian fixed 4 holes under our bathroom vanity cabinet that MICE were climbing through, into our cabinet!  They even dragged a wrapped bar of soap out of the drawer and under the shelf, and chewed both sides up!!  There was mouse crap and pee all over under there (YUCK!!), and I was able to clean that all up with disinfectant spray.  I knew they might be getting under there, because my cat always wanted to go under there when I opened the cabinet doors, but I had no idea they were taking over!  I'm very happy about that project, too!!

This week, I'm going to paint, paint, paint, all over this family room!

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