Monday, April 30, 2012

It Only Took a Month.....

I've done it!!!
And I don't just mean that was actually me who did it! 

This picture represents The Last of the wall boards to put up!!  Hooray!!!!  And see what I did....all those little dots of wood putty are where I nailed them to the studs with the nail gun!  I even had to add new nails when it ran out, which I figured out quickly.  Also, notice that I had to cut the top board out for the switches -- very cool, right?!  I LOVE it, I love the feeling that I could get this done when I wanted to, instead of having to wait (and hope!) for Brian to want to do it.  He gets bored when projects take too long, and he's ready to move on to something new (like the garden) -- that's not a bad thing, either!  But when I'm in the middle of a project, I want to get it DONE, especially this family room and hallway....I've been planning and had it half-started for years, really YEARS!! Oh so many Christmas pictures with the messed up walls behind, no more! 

So next, I will get out the paint and roller, and get those last coats on, like I've been talking about all month! (Haha!)  Then, all that will be left (besides the floor, of course) will be the ceiling trim, door trim in the hall, and the little trim top for the remember that, right?  They are just waiting in the barn!
Aaahhh....I feel another "Sigh of Relief" entry coming! ^-^ (that's a smile, by the way)(according to my daughter, anyway!)

On a side note, this weather is annoying!  It was supposed to be cloudy and cooler today (like 75 - NORMAL!), but it turned out to be 85, that's eighty-freakin-five!!  It's too early to have to deal with this!  I had to turn the air on, and I just had the heat on a few days ago!  Oh, and it's going to get worse -- it may even be 90 in the next couple of days!  I am NOT happy, and neither are my baby plants....they will slow their growing in that kind of heat, and that's a best-case-scenario.  They could die.  I watched them today, as the air heated up, and they were wilting but it didn't look too bad.  I sprinkled them with cold water, then watered them again when the sun went down, and they didn't look wilty then, so I'm hoping! 
I love the breezy warm air right now, though.  It feels nice, and it reminds me of vacationing in Florida when I was a girl!!  Happy times! ^-^

PS - I don't know WHAT the heck happened to my fonts up there....I tried to enlarge and bold "voila", but somehow that happened.  It looks fine here on my posting screen, it's only in the blog where it's all wrong!  GRRRR!!  Blogger can be really frustrating sometimes!

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