Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My wall painting is finished!!!  Doesn't it look nice?  I love the different sized boards next to eachother - 24, 17, 7 inches, bottom to top.  I saw that in Early American Life magazine in a TRUE colonial-period house.  It's so much more interesting to look at than all the same sized boards.  The walls look much better in natural light, the camera flash gives it an orangy glow.  And the red looks much darker, not pinkish!

I love painting with a roller!  It goes on nice and thick, and covers so fast.  It's very satisfying to paint that way!  I just love painting anyway - I love paint colors, and have a hard time choosing just one for something!!  You should see my sample collection - LOL! - and I always want more more more!!  Maybe I'll take a picture of them and post it on here!!

Oh, I still have quite a bit of work to do in here, not even counting the floor -- the hallway doors need trim, then painting; I want to make a new closet door (like my pantry door); I have to sand, then paint, then put up the ceiling trim; I have to put all my crap away finally!!!  I guess it's constant.....but I think I'd be sad if there were no more "projects" that needed to be planned and worked on - I love the designing part (IF I can make a decision about something!), and then the work....well, it's a creative outlet for me, and I enjoy it so much!  I do worry about spending money while I'm working on projects, but I'm so careful with that, and I have no problem waiting for things or buying them a little at a time if I have to - money isn't really an issue with the projects around here!

Well, anyway, my walls are painted finally - YAY!!  Now it's time to put things back where they go, and clean up.  Soon I WILL start buying the wood for the floor, bit by bit (told ya! LOL), then I really can say it's all finished.....and then start working on another part of the house - hahaha!!!

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