Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Dreamy Weekend!

I have basically spent this weekend dreaming -- looking at blogs, looking at favorite pictures I've saved on my computer....OH!  and looking at my NEW old magazines!! Haha!  On ebay last week, I bought 16 old Country Living magazines from 1990 and 1991 - you know, back when they were GOOD - and I've just started going through them.....*sigh!*

Oh, LOOK at those covers....!!  I have already found some very special pages in the first few I've looked through (see the post-its sticking out? lol)  I'm about to continue with my browsing, but I wanted to stop in and talk about me doing nothing....LOL!

Well, I've painted some of the wood trim I puttied, and I bought some better wood putty, my favorite actually.....
 This stuff is so much better, it's easier to use, sticks to the wood more than my finger (!!), and fills the holes the first time I apply it!  So maybe it won't take me as long to get this ceiling trim finished this time!!
 I haven't been feeling great the past couple of days, my head has a dull ache I can't get rid of, my throat feels scratchy and "coated", and my sinuses burn....maybe it's allergies.  Brian has been complaining of some of the same things, so probably we both have them!
Brian also rebuilt the pool pump of our neighbor, he's spent a few hours on it!  So we both kinda have a feeling of "we'll get to it next weekend" about the trim!!  I guess THIS is how it ends up taking so long to get projects/rooms finished! LOL

Tomorrow we are going to Hobby Lobby!  LOVE that store!!!  I want to get some dried flowers, fabric, mache boxes, maybe some unfinished wood, look at the baskets.....oh, the possibilities are endless!!  I'll take a picture of my "treasures" and post it tomorrow night!

Those magazines are really calling my name..... ^-^

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