Saturday, May 12, 2012


Ok, HOW do you get your husband to do something he's not interested in doing???  Sheesh!!

We have been busy today working outside - which did need to be done.  I planted more tomatoes, and watered, then picked MORE strawberries (I'm working on a second gallon bag of them!!).  My dearest was working on cutting the weeds around the yard and garden - I think I know why my rose bush died.  Now it's going into Sunday, and my ceiling trim is not up yet.  I was informed that he "doesn't feel like working inside anymore"....uhmm, but it isn't finished yet...  All this time, I've been taking the blame for "Not Finishing" projects and rooms, but I'm starting to see that it's not always ME!  I am really going to push for tomorrow, but it's the last day of the weekend so he might really not want to work on that - there's a chance, though!  **Sigh!!

So.....My Garden....Oh, the joy of it!!

And I think it's time to make a salad!.....

Oh, yes, that's going to be tomorrow!!
And my fingers are crossed about getting this trim up....we'll just see....!

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