Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh, BLAH.....

I have spent all day long feeling out-of-it....kind of bored (or boring!), and not motivated to do anything.  I hate feeling like this, because I have plenty TO do, but my brain just wants to take a break and have a veg-out day!  So I spent most of the day on the phone or on my computer.  I organized my online pictures from my old camera -- it's funny, the pictures went back to 2009, but there weren't that many of them!  That was during the time that Brian was out of work for 2 years, and there wasn't anything to want to take pictures OF!!  Boy, talk about a "Blah" feeling....that lasted a year and a half!!  I can't believe I survived that, actually; although, my heart and brain do bear the scars.  I'll probably never completely get over that.  It was amazing really -- whenever we were just about to really implode and lose everything, some type of side-job would come up, and he'd make enough money to save us!  It was God's grace, I have NO doubt about that.  I was very close to God everyday, clutching on to Him with all my might!  And then a miracle happened: he got a real job, the only job available in the county, I bet!!  He had just been unable to walk for 4 weeks, because of a knee infection, and had been walking for about 3 days when he was called to go to an interview - the FIRST interview he was called about in 2 years!!  Imagine that!!!!

It was God-ordained, I'm sure of that.  It was too much of a coincidence to BE a coincidence.  And I am so grateful to God for providing all that time, and never leaving me alone to deal with that - I always felt like He was near me (even if I didn't understand why He couldn't just solve everything right away!).

So today, I forced myself to paint the hallway corner that Brian put up yesterday (tiny pieces), but that was IT!  I clicked my way through ebay, looking at the portraits, saving all my favorites.....there were lots of "favorites"!! Hahaha!
I also made an appointment with the dentist about a cavity I have on my eye tooth, right in my smile! (grrr!)  I always get nervous about fillings, I hate the dentist and I'm so afraid one of these times they will hurt something and tell me it has to be pulled.....I want ALL my teeth!  So now I have to dread that until tomorrow....*sigh!
Well, at least it will be over with tomorrow, right?!

I also bought some fertilizer for beans, so I'll be starting those at the end of this week.  Today, I didn't have to turn on my A/C!  I almost did, but held out!!  This whole week is supposed to stay in the mid-70's -- PERFECT planting and gardening weather!  Yesterday, I started cucumber seeds and zucchini seeds in little peat pots.

Since I love to plan ahead, I've been thinking about what to tackle next, after I'm finished with the main living area....maybe a bathroom, or my room?  Maybe Emily's room?  I am going to use painted plywood floors for all the bedrooms, just like the library room, so that will be easier.  Emily's room is going to have beadboard paneling - expensive, but easier than taping and plastering all those seams!  It's pretty, too!!  I'll probably do a three-foot painted wainscoting in my room; maybe, squares of wood frame with a trim piece inside....?  And maybe blue, or a neutral/tan color, that I love when other people use that?  Hhmmm.....thoughts, thoughts!  I was looking through an old notebook with my earliest notes and ideas, when we first moved in -- that was fun, to look back like that!!  Some of those we tried and changed, and some were never done!  It made me feel good about how far we've come with the plans, too, because all the rooms mentioned are nearly finished now!!  I think we'd be even farther along if we didn't have that two-year stall from Brian not working, like I mentioned above....that's a LONG time to wait, alot could have been accomplished.

Ok, well, since I have come full-circle back to what I was talking about in my first paragraph, I think I'll stop now!  Wow, I was chatty tonight!!  I guess after a "Blah" day, with a rested mind, it wanders. ^-^

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