Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NOW I remember.....!!

First the strawberries (which need to be picked again), now this......

I forgot how much work it was to have fresh food from the garden!!  Every one of those lettuce leaves had my fingers on them - they had to be picked, then washed (one at a time), then cut up to be served.  That is how it is all summer long, with the broccoli, then cucumbers, then beans and finally tomatoes!  That is all after the lettuce for salads, of course!!  The spinach and lettuce is the most tedious, because dirt gets all over them, and will stick to the leaves if you don't RUB it off.  But it's SOOOO worth it -- look at that mound of deliciousness!!  It was great to have tasty salad again!  We have to enjoy it in the spring, because it doesn't grow in summer - no way down here!  It's way too hot!!  I could try it in the fall, but last year I was so (happily) swamped with tomatoes and beans that I had no time to think about anything else in the garden!!  This year, if they all survive and produce, I have more than double the tomato plants!  Haha!!

So after my post yesterday, it rained AGAIN last night!  This is what I found today next to the garden.....
That bucket is half full .....WOW!!  I like to keep the rainwater, and use it on my plants a day or two later.  They love the rainwater.  Somehow, it's different.....go figure!

I was dusting a little today, and looking at some of my treasures.  I don't have much, especially compared to the women I've seen on A Primitive Place and in the picture trails, but I do have quite a few special things to me!  It's fun, because I forget what I have and then am pleasantly surprised when I see them again!!  I guess I should dust more often, right?  LOL (whatever!)
Many of the items are set aside, waiting for me to finish the spot I want them in.  I don't have great instincts about displaying things, but seeing everyone's displays online helps me decide what to do with MY things.  I also get to see things I want to have, too!  Well, most of them I will have to design and build myself (with Brian's help)....I've seen wonderful wall boxes, and cabinets and tables.  OH!  And I've seen front door boxes, that people hang on their doors (instead of a wreath) and fill them with greenery and dried flowers that spray out -- I love them!!  I've GOT to make one for my front door!
Here's one.....
Wow - isn't that awesome!!!?  I just LOVE that!! ^-^

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